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Sunday, December 4, 2011

NYX Advanced Salon Formula Swatch, Part 1

I'm so excited to have the opportunity to get my hands on these NYX Advanced Salon Formula polishes. They have just recently launched but I patiently waited for a sale to snag them and when Cherry Culture had NYX products for 40% off, I jumped on it. Woot Woot!
Part 1 consist of the cream finishes that I hauled. I will post part 2, which are the glitter polishes.

Nude White is a creamy light nude. The application was very streaky and the formula was thick. I always have trouble with streakiness and uneven application with this type of shade. Can someone recomment a similar color with a better formula? I had to do three coats to even out the color. 

Wild Orchid is a slightly darker fuchsia and not quite magenta. Very pretty on the nail and easy to apply. The formula wasn't too thick or thin...just perfect. 2 coats is pretty opaque.

Hmm....would you call this a teal color? lol. I wanna say teal but for some reason in my mind I think of teal with a greener undertone. Trout looks very similar to OPI Ski Teal We Drop. The formula applies very nicely just like Wild Orchid. I did two coats and it looks opaque.

Ink actually looks like blue ink. It's a stunning blue. I did two coats and it looked very opaque but for some reason when I took the picture under bright lights my nails still show through. So FYI, under natural light it looks a bit darker and more opaque than pictured. Again the formula was very easy to work with.

Overall, I am very happy with the formula of these polishes. The only one that gave me some trouble is Nude White. I suppose the streakiness is typical for lighter cream shades. I've had the same problem with other brands as well. The brush applicator was not too small or large and I liked its oval shape.
I hope you found these swatches helpful. I think for the price, these polishes are a great deal and even greater if  you get them while they are on sale. They have a nice range of colors to choose from but I like to venture into shades that have more oomph than just a pretty color.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for swatching the colors :)

    Im also searching for a good cream white polish cause i wanna do a cupcake manicure but i cant find a good (and cheap^^) color which is opaque :<


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