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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Butter London Swatches - Fairy Lights

This is a limited edition polish I ordered from Butter London's website during Black Friday deal, which wasn't much of a deal after all since they charged me so much for shipping, lol...yes, I know I'm still not over it. But anyways, this is a metallic rose/pink nail polish. You can literally get an opaque coverage on the first coat but metallic polishes tend to show brush strokes so you may want to do a second coat to smooth them out. It's hard to get an accurate swatch since this polish reflects so much light but I personally think this is a gorgeous color.

Butter London is a higher priced brand and the polish usually retails for $14.00. They are generally pretty good quality based on the reviews that I've read but for the price, I would try to get them when they are on sale. The sad thing is they rarely go on sale so I'd recommend you pick a shade that is unique.

You can purchase them from:
Butter London

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