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Friday, December 23, 2011

My First Lush Bath Bomb Experience

I am more of a shower person since I like to get in and out of the bathroom but after I was introduced to Mr. Frosty at my last visit to Lush counter, I decided to try a set of limited edition holiday bath bombs. This one is called the Golden Wonder Bath Bomb, which is also available separately. As you can tell from the picture, it's a pretty huge bath bomb that is the shape of a gift box. How cute! It even rattles when you shake it. Like there is something cool inside, lol. This is perfect to give out as Christmas gift.

So what you do is you let the water running in the bath tub, then drop the bomb, and watch it fizzle!

The Golden Wonder turns your bath water into a turquoise color with gold shimmers, adds a soft fragrance, and makes the water feels softer. I actually had fun bathing in blue water, lol. It felt like I was on a vacation in the tropics. The bath was very relaxing and soothing. I felt sooooo good after I was done. It's definitely something I will need to try more often.

Stressed? Tired? Feeling down? Try a bath bomb and chillax. It's very therapeutic. :)
What is your favorite bath bomb?


  1. I especially like the dragons egg bath bomb and the comforter bubble bar.. the bubble bar is the most amazing bath product i've ever used.. my skin has never felt so silky before!

  2. Hmm you make me want to give those a try.


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