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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Deborah Lippmann Across The Universe Swatches

The minute I saw the color of this bottle, I knew I had to make it mine. This is another polish that I purchased on for 20% off. Original price is $18.00. I paid $14.40.
When swatched, the color of this polish looks just as stunning as it does in the bottle. There is a mix of large hex blue and green glitters and small blue glitters suspended in a dark navy blue jelly base.
In order to achieve opacity, I actually had to do three thick coats. The base color leans sheer and isn't as thick as the other DL glitter polishes I swatched. I would recommend to use a different polish/color first and add Across The Universe on top. One thing I really love about this shade is that it looks unique and stunning! I had a few compliments when I wore it this week. It has just the right amount of sparkles so that it doesn't look over the top but intriguing and mesmerizing. I'm so in love with this shade!

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