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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Milani Eyeshadow - Shocking Pink and Olympian Blue Review/Swatches

Hi everyone,

Should've posted this a little while ago but I guess it's never too late since these eyeshadows are fairly new to the Milani family.

  • Pretty standard for a drugstore product but a little bulky for a single eyeshadow.
  • .011 oz or 3.1 g, which is a pretty generous amount, IMO.

  • Shocking Pink is well...shockingly pink as you can see. It's bright, blue based, bubble gum like pink. It's one of the brightest and most pigmented pink I have.
  • Olympian Blue is a cyan blue. 

  • Pigmented but will require a primer
  • Both colors had a matte finish
  • The texture feels a little dry
  • They were a little hard to blend
  • I did a makeup look using these two colors and it was very bright and fund but I noticed some staining when I tried to remove them.
Final Thought
Matte colors are generally tricky to work with, especially if they have a dry consistency. I still found these doable even if they required a bit of work. I really appreciate the pigmentation but the staining was a bit of a turn off.
My rating: 8/10.

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  1. I have Olympian Blue and I regret buying it. Unfortunately, I could not return it since I did not have the receipt. The colour was not the same as in the pan. Not pigmented even with primer. Just... a mess.

    1. Really? I am able to get pan color on my lids over UDPP and using a dense brush. I do have to load it up on my brush and then pat it on my lids a few times in order to get pan color. Perhaps you are not using enough pressure or your brush might be a bit soft.

    2. I've used various brushes and as much pressure as I can use and still nothing. It's just not the nice dark blue that's in the pan for me.

    3. All the reviews I read about these eyeshadows were positive and even I had a positive experience so I'm really not sure why yours was a dud. I'm sorry it didn't work out for you.

  2. those colors are fabulous!


    ps. we are now giving away 10 times a $5 giftcard at Dino Direct!

  3. can't wait for milani to have their sale.. definitely gonna pick up more of their eyeshadows! :)


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