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Monday, October 29, 2012

Shoe Hauling

Hello beautifuls,

I felt like it's been long time since I bought more shoes. Not that I need to but being the shoe addict that I am, it feels a bit unnatural to not to haul any for a while.

I made a quick trip to DSW today after I got done shopping at the mall. When I spotted the Levity Julissa Wedges, I instantly knew that if they fit well, I was going to bring them home. The sole have a nice cushion and the heel doesn't feel too high so they are very comfortable. I got them from the clearance rack for $34.97. The original retail price was $99.00. These wedges are well-made and has a quality and sophisticated look and feel to it. I'm so happy that they are not open-toe, which means that I will be able to wear these to work.

Levity Julissa Wedge Pump - Burnt Orange/Brown (Google Affiliate Ad)

The second pair, I got for myself are these wine red patented leather loafers from Kelly&Katie (Wine KK Mabel). They are also very comfortable because they have a nice cushioned sole and the material of the shoe is flexible. They are a little wide in the middle. The true color is more like the first picture. On the second picture, the flash made them look lighter than they really are. I typically do not wear loafers but I was digging this pair. The color and style is right up my alley and since I mostly own heels, I try get some flat shoes for days I want to give my feet some rest. The price is pretty reasonable. I paid $34.95.

Kelly & Katie Mabel Moc - Burgundy (Google Affiliate Ad)

The third pair was for my daughter. Her style is more conservative and minimalist so she picked these Rocket Dog greyish taupe ankle boots with a strap that goes around the ankle. These boots have a bit of a western style to it. I'm actually really surprised she wanted them but they do look nice. They were on clearance for $34.96, originally $60.00.

Rocket Dog Sayla Western Bootie - Taupe (Google Affiliate Ad)

That's it for my haul and thanks for stopping by.

Note: the links provided are Google affiliated links, which will take you straight to DSW and where you can purchase them. Prices may vary from online store to physical store.

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  1. I love the first pair of heels! They look perfect for fall :) Also, I'm so jealous of your bargains! I never find anything I like from the clearance section that actually fits me -_-

    1. Do you have small feet? I know that people with small feet or big feet can have trouble finding shoes. These bargains are always getting me sucked in, lol. I have to watch myself and not shop so much.

  2. Hey,

    I indulged and got myself the same pair of grey rocket dog boots. Any idea how to keep them clean?

    1. I usually just use a wet paper towel to wipe.

  3. Hey,

    I indulged and got myself the same pair of grey rocket dog boots. Any idea how to keep them clean?


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