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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Swatches - Dots Pink Metallic

Some of you may not have access to Dots but if you do, I think their nail polishes are a worth a look. I know they don't have a huge selection of colors to choose from but I have bought 4 nail polishes from them so far and I am pretty pleased with them. They are always BOGO 50% and I think one nail polish is less than $3.00.

I don't have the correct name labeled because I think it must have fell off the packaging so the Pink Metallic is totally made up. This shade goes on a bit thick but applies fairly evenly and is opaque in just one coat. The color reminds me of a brand spanking new penny...very shiny and metallic.
Not too crazy about it but it may be a good polish for doing design and possibly nail stamping.

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  1. Hi Pang! How are you, I've been looking into your blog and I am loving all the reviews you post, they are very informative, thanks for doing them! I am in love with this nail polish, there's a dupe for this one, is an Essie nail polish named "Penny Talk". I wonder where did you buy this one from the brand Dots, I hope you can read my comment.

    Have a nice weekend Pang :)

    1. Hi Carolina! Thanks for stopping by and I'm happy to hear that my posts are helpful. Dots is a store that sells clothing but they sell a small line of beauty products and are available in select states I suppose. Unfortunately, they don't sell the beauty products on their website. Hope you have a great weekend as well :)


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