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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New Forever 21 Earrings

It has been so long since I visited Forever 21 so this past weekend, I decided to check out if they have anything new that I might like. There was a lot of new accessories but since my collection is pretty big already, I decided to be a little more selective about what I wanted to take home so I narrowed down to just these two pairs of earrings.

The left is a long pointy spike pair of earrings with silver and black contrast and little rhinestones on the side to add a little more texture and edge to it. They are a lot sparkier than pictured and made me think of fancy icicles, lol. They would be more suited for evenings. $4.80

The right pair are dainty little bows with gold tone and tiny bead details. These are absolutely adorable and versatile. They will look great with a casual or dressy outfit. $3.80

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