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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Small Sally Beauty Supply Haul (More Nail Polishes)

After I saw Lyndsay haul the Sally Girl U Glow Girl polish, I just had to go look for it. There is a Sally on my commute to work so it's always easy for me to take a quick detour and swing by, lol.
I've always wanted a glow in the dark polish. This was perfect cause it's inexpensive and tiny cute but as you can see, I ended up with a few more polishes.

  • Orly Mermaid Tale. Lots of glittery green gorgeousness in this bottle. The larger glitters are actually green and holographic. Not sure if I need this but it looks so pretty so I decided to get it.

  • Nina Ultra Pro Electric Slide. Check out this neon green jelly polish. Isn't it just cute or what? I wonder if if adding the glow in the dark polish over it will make it glow in the dark neon green? I'm already getting excited just picturing the outcome, haha. Let's hope it doesn't disappoint. Plus, I've been obsessed with doing more Jelly sandwiches.

  • Nina Ultra Pro Holographic Topcoat. Probably not something I need and I probably have something similar but IDK, something just tell me to get it anyways, lol.

  • Sally Girl U Glow Girl. Well would you look at that! I'm pretty amazed at myself that I managed to take a clear picture of the glow. The trick is position your camera on a tripod or sturdy surface, have the camera in focus and under manual control. Turn off the light and just press the shutter button. Do not attempt to focus your camera in the dark, it won't work and you'll only get a blurry picture.
Do you own a glow in the dark polish? If yes, what did you think of it?

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  1. Great haul! I love everything especially the Orly Mermaid Tale. :)


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