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Friday, October 12, 2012

Small Mario Badescu Haul

Hello there!

This is just a really tiny haul. About two weeks ago, Mario Badescu was on sale on Hautelook and though I didn't really find anything that I had to have, I did manage to pick up this facial spray.
It contains aloe, herbs, and rosewater. It can be used to set makeup, refresh, and hydrate your skin. It also has a nice rose scent to it. This is an 8 oz bottle, which is pretty big and I can see this lasting me a while.

So basically, I plan on using this as a toner. I like the fact that there is no alcohol. Last night, after exfoliating my face, I sprayed some of the product on a cotton pad and wiped my face with it. I was actually horrified when I noticed that my exfoliator didn't do such a good job at removing my face makeup since the cotton pad picked up what it failed to clean. I like how this spray helps lock in moisture for me when I applied my night cream afterward.

I really appreciated that they included a gift with my purchase so I got these travel size shampoo and conditioner for free.

Have you tried this spray? What is your favorite face toner?

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  1. I'm a big fan of Thayer's Witch Hazel because it's relatively easy to find (Whole Foods), inexpensive (~$10 a bottle) and really calming for the skin. I also use it as a multipurpose product. It's my toner and makeup setting spray to get rid of powderiness. I don't really see any leftover makeup residue though. How are you removing your makeup?

  2. I dont think we have whole foods here. Makes me wonder if it is also sold somewhere else. I always take off my eye makeup with a waterproof makeup remover because it works best for me. Then if I'm not lazy (lol), I would use a baby wipe and wipe off my face makeup with it before washing my face with whatever face wash I feel like using at the time. I typically alternate between 2-3 products. I rarely ever use a toner. I sometimes wonder if it is necessary.
    My face feels and look a lot cleaner when I use a baby wipe to remove my makeup first. Sometimes I get lazy and I go straight to washing. I'm gonna have to find a really good face cleanser for days I don't use the wipe.


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