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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Face Brushes - Powder and Foundation (Part 1)

I know I rarely talk about my makeup brushes so I figure I'm going to have to introduce them to you eventually. Above is my entire collection of "face" brushes. If you are interested in the eye makeup brushes that I use, you can view them by clicking HERE.

Once I laid them out, I had more than I realize. I seem to always pick on the same ones. I'm dividing my face brushes into 3 parts. In this first part, I will be discussing about my foundation and powder brushes. Part 2 will be about blush brushes and Part 3 will be about contour brushes. I will post part 2 and 3 in the next couple days.

  • Sigma Large Power F30, $19.00. This one is not the softest brush I've had but it is decently soft. Slightly dense but still has that fluffiness to it. This brush is good if you want to set your liquid foundation with powder but don't want to look cakey or over-powdered. It will deliver just the right amount so that your face can still look natural. The one thing I don't really like about this brush is that it sheds and the bristles always fall on my face or fall off when I wash it. I lose on average of 3 hair per use and 5 or 6 when I wash it. It's a bit annoying but not out of control.

  • Sephora Professionnel Contour blush/bronzer. I really don't get why they would think of using this as a brush/bronzer brush. It's very dense and has shorter finer bristles so it will pick up a lot of product if you use this for application but I can see using this brush to buff out the blush or bronzer that has already been applied. I typically use this brush for powder and when I feel that I want a little more coverage and that matte porcelain doll skin finish. This brush is fairly soft and hardly shed but takes a bit longer to dry after you wash it. I wouldn't recommend it for loose powders though. I think this brush may have been discontinued.

  • Gotta B' Urban Kabuki brush. I found this brush at either Marshall or TJ Maxx a while back. I thought the black and while pattern was cute and I like the fact that this kabuki brush comes with a longer handle. This is a nice brush. It's very soft, dense, and never shed. I did experience some color bleeding during the first few washes but doesn't happen anymore after that. Since the bristles are synthetic, this brush is perfect for both powder and liquid foundation.

  • Wal-Mart Powder brush, $6.97. This is a very soft brush. It's flatter and tappered but not as dense as I would prefer it to be. Really nice for applying powders. It's a little small but still feasible. This never shed on me. 

  • Real Technique Stippling brush, $9.99. The quality of this brush is pretty impressive for the price. I love the color of the handle. I also like the fact that you can also have it standing up right on a flat surface.The duo fibers are dense and soft and I also like the fact that they are a little shorter so it gives me a lot more control. This is great for applying liquid foundation. It never shed on me and my only complaint is that I wish the brush was a little wider. That would have allowed me to do my face faster. 

  • Coastal Scents Classic Buffer Large Synthetic, $14.95. I think this is the perfect size for a foundation brush. The bristles are densely packed and never shed. I can't think of any flaws. You could use this for either powder or foundation.

  • ELF Powder Brush, $3.00. The synthetic bristles are very soft and dense. This is my most used brush for applying liquid foundation. Why? Because it allows me to work quickly, spread foundation evenly and easily, and I loooove the finish. My face looks air brushed and flawless when I use this brush. My biggest complaint is that the built of the brush isn't that great and after a few uses the ferrule starts to wiggle and get loose. But in spite of that, I keep coming back for it...weird, lol.

  • Sigma Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki F80, $16.00. This is the much better version of the ELF powder brush which comes with better quality. It is also denser so drying it takes a little longer, which is my only complaint. It applies liquid foundation flawlessly and effortlessly.

I love using all of these brushes but my mostly used ones are the ELF powder brush, the Sigma F30, and the Sephora Professionel. I guess I use them so much that I've developed a habit of reaching for them.
If you like using liquid foundation, I highly recommend that you use synthetic bristles. You are less likely to ruin them and you may also find that they are easier to clean and maintain as compaired to natural bristles. You probably don't have to have that many brushes but it is always good to have extra in your arsenal just in case the other is still drying or dirty.

What are your go-to face brushes?

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