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Friday, October 19, 2012

My Face Brushes - Blush Brushes (Part 2)

These set of brushes are my blush brushes. They can also be used for highlighting or contouring. If you missed the post about my foundation and powder brushes, you can view it HERE.

  • Real Techniques Contour Blush. Great brush, dense, very soft, and the perfect size. The fibers are synthetic and this never shedded on me.I'm not sure if this one is sold own its own but I did get it from the set, which cost $17.99.

  • Crown Brush C405 Contour Blush, $7.49. Feels fluffy but it's definitely not flimsy either. Does a great job at delivering just the right amount of product and blending it seamlessly. Minimal shedding when cleaned.

  • Wal-Mart Angled Blush brush, $5.97. This brush is very soft but a bit flimsy. It is still a decent brush though. It never shedded on me and has lasted me well for the past couple of years. This would be a good brush to use for highly pigmented blushes that requires a light hand.

  • Crown Brush IB105 Tapered Blush, $6.49. Nice sturdy brush with decently soft bristles. This is made out of Italian Badger hair. Minimal shedding when cleaned.

  • Crown C404 Small Duo Face, $6.45. Everyone should have one of these. It works very well for very pigmented blushes and cream blushes. Hasn't shed on me so far.

Some of these brushes can be used for contouring but I personally like them better for blush and highlight.

Hope you found this post helpful.

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  1. I definitely need more brushes!!!
    I have the real techniques one and I'm pretty sure its not sold on its own :D

  2. those are super nice brushes! is your crown brush c405 a goat hair brush? does it smell?

    1. I believe it is goat hair. I dont remember if it smelled bad when I first got it but I do not detect any scent.


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