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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Swatch - Nicole By OPI Look at Me Look at Me!


Yes please look at me!!! LOL...A few weeks ago, I picked up this polish from Target. Little did I know that Look at Me Look at Me was a Target exclusive also.  This polish is packed with lots of fine silver, pink, and blue glitters. You can get opaque coverage in just two coats and it dries fairly quick. It's pretty different from the glitter polish that I have which is why I wanted it. It looks a bit flat and boring without a top coat but once you add that top coat over it, it gives more depth, shine, and sparkles to the glitters. I would most likely pair this with some larger pink glitters. I think it will be more fun than by itself.

Overall, it's lovely glitter polish that has a magical wintry appeal to it.

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  1. nice!

    just followed your blog, hope u could follow mine, xx~


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