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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

ELF Studio Single Eyeshadow Swatches and Review

Hello Lovelies,

This is a long overdue post. I've had these eyeshadows for a while but I was putting off posting about it because I'm not very fond of the brand but since I've taken these pictures about a month ago I figure I might as well post them. You may or may not know but not long ago there were a few bloggers out there who have had their pictures taken and posted on ELF's website without prior authorization or even a link back to their blog. I find that very unethical and disrespectful. Most, if not all bloggers, who blog about ELF, do not get paid or free products so for ELF to just take pictures and use them as they please without giving credit is absolutely unacceptable.
Some people may not understand what is the big deal about taking someone's picture and repost it or do whatever else they want with it. Well, it is wrong whether you know it or not. It takes time, effort, special equipment or supplies, and expertise, in order to produce a good picture. Anyone who takes pride in delivering quality knows what I mean. You wouldn't walk into someone's yard and take or borrow their barbeque grill without asking permission, would you? Same concept goes to pictures. Just because they are easier to snatch from the Internet, that doesn't make it ok. Have respect. Even if you think taking someone's picture is harmless. It really is not cool, especially when you are using their picture for profit purposes, such as earning prizes or money, and failed to credit the original owner.

I know there are a lot of you who love ELF regardless but after what I've seen. That's enough to leave me with a bad taste in my mouth. I doubt that will talk about them anymore after this post, unless they come out with something that would knock my socks off.

Here are the single eyeshadows that I have in my collection from their studio line. Half of these I found them on clearance and the other half I think I found at the dollar store.

As far as the packaging goes, I think it's sturdy and nice. There is also a little mirror included in each case and a pretty good amount of product.

  • Saddle - medium shimmery brown. Texture and pigmentation is average.
  • Amethyst - dark plum with subtle shimmers. Texture feels dry and pigmentation is below average.
  • Sea Blue - cool toned blue with subtle shimmers. Texture is powdery and dry. Pigmentation is bad.
  • Purple Passion - light purple with subtle shimmers. Texture and pigmentation is average.

  • Pebble - light greyish taupe with subtle shimmers. Texture is average and pigmentation is below average.
  • Coffee Bean - medium, slightly warm brown with subtle shimmers. Texture is dry and pigmentation is below average.
  • Raspberry - warm dark brown with burgundy shimmers. texture is dry and pigmentation is below average.

The swatches on my eyes were done with Urban Decay Primer Potion, whereas the swatches on my arm were done without primer. Overall, they didn't turn out as great as I would like them to be. The lack of pigmentation and quality leaves something to be desired. However, aside from that, I still think these work decently on the crease to help blend out harsh edges from other eyeshadows or add a subtle color. Don't plan on using these as a main color because I do not think they deliver enough color payoff and some of them look blotchy when applied. These retail for $3.00 each but you could get them for cheaper if you buy them during a sale. You can't expect much for a couple bucks but you do get what you pay for. If you care about quality and pigmentation then these are not for you.

My rating: 5/10.

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