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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Nail Polish Haul

Whenever I'm out and about, I can't help but look out for nail polishes. These were all BOGO 50% off, except for Pampered & Primped, which was on clearance.

  • Icing Pampered & Primped - jelly pinkish/purple-ish base with blue and gold flakies. 
  • Icing Vampire's Kiss. Black jelly base with large and small red glitters.
  • Icing Twisted Fantasy - jelly blue teal base with multi-colored glitters.

  • Anise Total Temptress - smoky / ashy purple with purple, blue, and gold shimmers.
  • Anise Wee Hours - dark purple with blue and pink shimmers.

That's it for now. I should be able to swatch them for you this weekend.

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