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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Black Friday Haul - Color Club Beyond The Mistletoe Haul and Swatches Part 2

If you didn't get a chance to view Part 1, please don't forget to. I hauled the entire collection and since I took a lot of pictures, I decided to break it down in two parts.

Jingle Jangle has blue, purple, and green glitters in a clear base. It's the only polish that doesn't have holographic glitters in this collection.

Candy Cane has pink and holographic glitters in a clear base.

Gingerbread has gold, pink, and holographic glitters in a clear base.

For the record, I swatched all these polishes with two coats no base color. The consistency of the formula is pretty much the same on all of them, which is a bit thick but still workable. It's very hard to catch the gleams of glitters on camera so expect them to be a lot more sparkly and glitzy in person. All the glitters in this collection are pretty much small and the same size.
Be sure to check out Part 1 of this collection for the rest of the swatches.

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