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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Beauty Diary - Natto Mask

I've seen a few girls online use these masks but never really thought much about them since they are not sold at your typical drugstore or beauty counter here in the states. About a month ago, a lovely gal I met on Luuux (Amy) sent me a few of these as gifts and I thought it was pretty cool of her to do so otherwise, I probably would have never tried them.
The other night, I decided to give the Natto Mask a try. Caution...Raw beauty in action down below and it's not that pretty, hahaha.
Since I have only one of these to try, this is only going to be my first impression review.

As you can tell from the hmm pics above, the face mask comes individually sealed in a cute package that's about the size of my hand. When I ripped it open to take the mask off, the first thing I noticed was that the mask was very wet and dripping a little. So basically, it is a pre-cut sheet mask drenched in some clear fancy beauty concoction that you are supposed to apply and leave it on your face for 20 to 30 minutes. The mask is actually a little too big on my face and the cut out for my eyes are a little off. It did have an extra plastic layer that you peel off once you have positioned the mask unto your face.
After I placed the mask on my face, I noticed this gentle cooling sensation that was quite refreshing and made me feel a little more awake. The mask also has a pleasant clean fresh scent that's not too strong.
After 30 minutes or so, I removed the mask off my face and proceeded to rinse whatever is left on my face. And WOWZAAAA! My face felt soooo damn good! I mean I've used a lot of mask, even expensive ones and none of them gave me that kind of impression. My skin felt plump, energized, very moisturized, and soft! Sadly, the good feeling didn't last that long though, haha, but it was a great first experience I must say. I so want to try more of these now. I find this particular mask quite gentle so I would say it is suitable for all skin type.
So I did a bit of googling around and you can purchase these masks on Ebay, Amazon, and They cost about $15.00 for a pack of 10, which isn't too bad. My Beauty Diary products are made in Taiwan and these masks comes in a lot of variety! So many flavors to choose from. It makes me want to try them all!!!

If you have tried My Beauty Diary masks, please tell me which one you recommend I should try or which one I should avoid.

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  1. Mmm sounds nice! I never use masks, I'm terrible with my skin :P


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