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Friday, December 23, 2011

Shoe Haul

It's that time of the year again where we have to get our Christmas shopping done and I wonder how many of you also manage to haul stuff for yourself, lol. I was joking to my co-workers that I can't help but find things I like...two for me, one for you.
Anyhoo, looking through my shoe collection, I noticed I didn't have that many boots. Well, finding boots that fit is a challenge for me since I have big calves so I often end up with ankle boots.
As I strut through the mall, I decided to stop by Bakers because they had a big sign that said "buy one get one for 50% off" for everything in the store. I tried to aim at the clearance items. I rarely pay full-price at Bakers since their shoes are a bit expensive so I always shop the clearance or sales items.

This pair is Norwood, 77-Tan, Style 1557685, $59.99. They are pretty comfortable and don't feel as high as they look. Even the sale associate that was helping was like "hey those are cute! How much were they?" haha, I think she was planning to get a pair for herself as well.


So for my 50% off pair, I decided to go with something more comfortable. I have A LOT of heels, however, I needed a comfortable pair that I can use for my shopping excursions, lol. Since I love shopping, I need to have comfortable shoes so I can finish shopping before I drop. I don't really like wearing gym shoes because they usually don't match what I'm wearing so this black pair of sneakers works for me. This pair is Dana Style 9627802, Black, $29.99, but I paid $15.00 since it was half off the second pair. They are still not as comfortable as my gym shoes but they are simple and would go with just about anything casual that I typically wear when I go shopping. I really don't know how some chicks can shop in their heels...Makes me wonder if they are really shopping or just showing off at the malls.

I had a $10 rewards coupon for DSW and I felt compelled to use it. Again, I always hit up the clearance racks first. DSW always have a large clearance selection so you are most likely going to find something you'll like. This pair is R2 Lori, Brown, $59.94 but on clearance for 30% off and with the coupon, I only paid $31.96. They are also quite comfortable and I like the fact that it has more grip under the sole, which makes it better for the winter. I honestly wish there was more color selection when it comes to boots. Most of them are either brown or black.

Have you found any good deals on boots? If so where did you spot them?


  1. I haven't found any good boots yet, but I'm definitely on the look out. I love the first pair you got! I'm glad they're comfy, and don't feel as high as they look.

  2. I just ordered a pair of Chinese Laundry boots from DSW! I had the $10 rewards and $5 rewards from my birthday and free shipping. I paid a little less than $55 for over the knee boots :D I really don't have many shoes so I'm trying to allocate my shopping funds towards things like shoes and staple wardrobe pieces over makeup. I actually think I tried on the last pair of $60 heels from DSW last time and I liked them but I chose another pair instead that were only $50. I love the look of heels and they make me look more tall and lean but I have no where to go in them and I walk A LOT because I'm always trekking about the city :(

  3. Huda - my biggest problem with boots is my calves, haha, so it's hard for me to find those that go up to my knees. Secondly, I always have an issue with the price. It's always the expensive one that I like because the style and quality is there.

    AngelicBetrayal - I'm a regular at DSW. They need to send me coupons more often, lol since I shop there a lot. They always have great deals on shoes.


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