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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Anise Nail Polish Haul and Swatches

Have you ever heard of this brand? I haven't either. I went to DSW to see if I could find a nice pair of shoes or boots just because I was in a shopping mood, lol. Anyways, I did not find any shoes but I managed to get some socks and leggings that were on clearance. So as I proceeded to the check out, I spotted these nail polishes by the cash register. I was like Ooooo nail polish! There was a sign that said buy one get one half off, so I though what the heck why not. They are pretty cheap. Two of them cost me $5.50 each and the other two where half off so $2.75 each.

The first color that caught my eyes was this metallic teal color called Run For The Money. Oh boy! This polished looked awesome on my nails when I swatched it. I think the metallic finish is quite in for the holiday. The color is pigmented. This type of finish tend to show brush strokes so you'd want to be more precise during application. I did two coats and it looked opaque and even. I'm digging it!!

Love Elixir appear to be a metallic plum in the bottle but when swatched it's more like a metallic pearl. Definitely more shimmery than Run For The Money. Very pigmented in two coats and also gorgeous.

I like the name of this polish. It's called Crocodile Tears. It's a shimmery deep green with gold and teal shimmers running through it. It's rather sheer so it took me three coats to reach opacity. Nonetheless, it's worth the effort because it looks freaking amazing and it's a great dupe for Zoya Edyta. The only difference I notice so far is that Edyta is slightly more shimmery and Crocodile Tears is just a touch greener.

Pearls for the Devil is a dark polish with fine green and purple shimmers reminds me of a few nail polishes that I own: Essie Over The Edge, Borghese Stellar Notte, and Revlon Black With Envy. This one is also on the sheer side so three coat was needed to reach opacity. I guess I'm the least excited about this shade since I have so many dupes already, lol. Nonetheless, it is still a pretty dark polish. I'm probably going back to exchange this one with a different color.

One thing I notice about these polishes is that they dry fairly quick. They also have cream finishes and many other colors to choose from but the majority of them are typical colors. The first three that I swatched are definitely keepers. I think these polishes are definitely worth a look if you have a DSW near you.

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  1. i have love elxr love it wearing it rite now :)


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