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Monday, December 5, 2011

Jewelry Haul - Macy's & Aldo

Yesterday, I decided to stop by the Mall to see if I could still find the Chanel Rouge Allure Lacque Dragon that Temptalia said was being discontinued but my luck ran out and they told me that they are no longer carrying them in stores. Bummer! I guess we weren't meant to be.
Anyways, I managed to get out of the mall with a few consolation items, lol.

I purchased a Betsey Johnson earring that was on the clearance rack. OMG, I thought they were freaken cute and I coudn't pass up the fact that they were on clearance!

The design is different from your typical earrings. That is what I love about her style. There are a few strands of small chains attached to the back

The earrings are a lot prettier than pictured since they are a bit more sparkly in person.

Then looking around I spotted this braided bracelet that I thought looked different and I liked it a lot. The brand is Alfani, which I am not familiar with. It comes in 4 different color: rose gold, yellow gold, silver, dark. Here is a link to where you can purchase it if you are interested

I like the fact that this one has two tone and makes the design look more interesting. As you can see the bracelet was pretty big on my wrist and I have a big wrist to begin with but I was able to adjust it so now it fits just right.

When I proceeded to the register to pay for my goodies, I thought that I had to pay $22.50 for the earrings and $24.00 for the bracelets because that was the price on the tags. To my surprise, they had an additional discount and when I saw my total my eyes went @_@ wow really?! I was ecstatic! LOL. I saved a lot more than I anticipated. I guess all the jewelries were 25% off, I thought only select but I guess they were ALL on sale. It makes me want to go back and get some more but I was running out of time, which could be a good thing...

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While I still had a bit of time left to spare at the Mall, I stopped by the Aldo Accessory store and was looking through their two for one deal. First thing that caught my eyes was this ring. I don't even know how to describe it, lol. It looks stunning!

I had to find a second item so I can get two for the price of one deal. I decided to go with this set of bracelet. I thought the colors were fun.

Since I was getting two for the price of one, I tried to pick the second item that has almost the same value as the first, lol, that way I'll feel more like I got a deal. Funny eh?!
The ring was $19.98 and the bracelets were $18.98. So I basically paid just $19.98 for two awesome bling blings.

Do you like Aldo Jewelries? I find them a little pricier but better quality than Forever 21.

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  1. Love the jewelry! The Betsy Johnson earrings are so cute!


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