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Sunday, December 4, 2011

NYX Advanced Salon Formula Swatch, Part 2

I wanted to try this new brand of polish by NYX and was curious about the glittery ones so I picked these four.

Multi-Glitter is pretty much what it is, lol. You get a variety of colors with small and large glitters. I'm thinking of comparing this one along with other multi-glitter polishes that I have. The clear base is not too thick or thin but for more opaque coverage you will need to do several layers. I did two coats on the swatch and looks pretty decent for me.

Ice Glitter is probably one of those I would urge you to get, if you like glitters. I believe all the glitters in there are holographic, at least that is how they appear to me. This looks like a disco ball so you get different shifting colors depending on the angle and lighting. Since the clear base isn't too thick or thin, you get more control of how much glitter you want on your nails in case you don't want them to look overdone. I did two coats on the swatch.


The glitters in Gold Glitters looks more like flakes. I'm surprised they didn't call it Gold Flakes. The base is a jelly-like yellow color. I would have prefered it to be clear but since is it lightly tinted, it might alter the base color if you use this as a top coat.

I'm surprised they didn't call this one Creme Flakes either. I can't tell if the glitters are gold or silver but they look like a very pale gold. The base color is a jelly-like pinkish nude. I'm gonna have to play layering this and Gold Glitter on top of other colors to see how they look as a top coat. I did two coats on the swatch.


I really like Multi-Glitter and Ice Glitter. The other two, I'm not too sure how I feel about them at the moment so I will have to experiment some more with them.

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  1. I have a polish really similar to the second silver polish and it's great for layering! It easily makes your nails look really cute and dainty haha. The last color looks pretty unique to me and I'd get it in a heartbeat if the base was a bit more pink :) Thanks for the swatches!~


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