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Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve Hauling - New Drugstore Products, Clearance Sales, Urban Decay, and A Surprise Present :)

Before I start getting into my haul, I just want to wish you all a happy and beautiful new year. I can't believe how fast the year went by. I guess I'm gonna have to take a glance back at 2011 and move forward to 2012 and reflect on a few things I want to change or accomplish. Perhaps that will be on a future post. For new year's eve, I'm not doing anything. Just staying at home with my kids. I managed to get some drinks so I can sober up in the safety and comfort of home, hehehe. Yes, I'm more of a home buddy and there is no place like home.

I did some more shopping in the last couple days and today. Ever since November, I have been hauling like no tomorrow. Holiday deals are the best and then the after holiday clearance are even better. That's why I'm still shopping. :D

I went to Walgreens but I didn't find anything of interest in the clearance section. However, they did have a few new products on display and none of them were on sale. Bummer! Anyways, I couldn't wait any longer to try these out so I bought 2 Maybelline Color Tattoo and 2 L'oreal Infallible eyeshadows. I'm going to test these out and if I like them, I might get a few more shades when they go on sale. Each of these retails between $6 to $8, depending on where you buy them.
The Color Tattoos are cream eyeshadows and the Infallible eyeshadows are a hybrid powder cream shadows similar to Giorgio Armani Eyes Intense to Kill. I'm quite excited to see the drugstore brands coming up with makeup similar to high end. Let's hope they perform just as well.

I went back to CVS again to see what else I can get from the clearance sale. Didn't find anything I really want but I grabbed the Burt's Bees Lip balm and Cuticle cream set for $4.99. I also noticed that Revlon came up with this new line of nail polish ColorStay Longwear, which retails for about $8! Wow, they are getting as expensive as OPI and Essie. Lucky for me, CVS had it on sale for $4.99 so I picked up Blue Slate, a dusty blue color.

I also made a trip to Ulta because they usually have a pretty good clearance selection after Christmas.

Ulta Purchases
  • Burt's Bee Avocado Butter Pre-Shampoo hair treatment, on clearance for $6.74
  • Yes to Carrots Pampering Conditioner, on clearance for $6.74
  • Ulta Eye Crayon Set, on clearance for $7.99
  • Revlon nail polish: Blushed, Hushed Blush, and Touch of Mauve, on clearance for $2.49 each
  • LA Splash Metallic Cream Shadow Aphrodite, $6.99.

Hauling from Sally Beauty Supply
  • Femme Couture lipstick Sanghi Red, on clearance for $1.99
  • Femme Couture lipstick Sweet Mocha, on clearance for $2.49
  • Nail Clipper, on clearance for $0.29
  • Palladio Lip Liner Bright Red, on clearance for $0.99
  • Finger Paints Sparkle top coat, $3.79
  • Out the Door Northern Lights hologram top coat, $5.99.

I was the most intrigued by the Out The Door top coat. I hear good reviews about it and I just wanted to try a new top coat. However, the Northern Light has something extra in the bottle...very fine holographic glitters! The glitters are sitting at the bottom of the bottle but once you shake it up, the sparkles fill up the bottle. The holographic sparkles are very subtle but it's there.

Then after, shopping I came home to two packages! Yay! One of them I didn't expect at all, which was quite a pleasant surprise!

The one I knew I was going to receive is my order from Urban Decay that I placed on Wednesday night. It arrived already! Woah! Super duper happy with the quick shipping!
If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Luuux, you may have seen that I placed this order because I got an unbeatable deal on the Book of Shadows IV. The BOS4 was originally $64.00, currently on sale for $44.00 but with the coupon code I used, MYGLAM11, I was able to get $15.00 off, so this palette ended up costing me just $29.00. Initially, I didn't want to get this palette because they charged so much for the extras that I didn't need, such as the USB cable, speaker, and pop up butterflies. However, getting it for $29.00, HECK YESSS! I'm totally getting more bangs for my bucks!
I ordered the UDPP Greed, which was on sale for $10.00 because I needed to reach at least $35.00 in order to get free shipping. I also receive a free mini eyeliner in the shade Whiskey. I think this eyeliner shade was exclusive only to the Naked palette.

And finally, the unexpected package came from Yaz, who won my recent giveaway on Luuux. I totally didn't expect her to send me anything but woah it was super sweet of her to want to do this anyways. And everything she sent me is something I don't already own, woo hoo! Gets me even more excited!
What she sent me:
  • Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Eyeshadow Quad. I have never seen this PF eyeshadow before. What a cute packaging! I love the colors too! Can't wait to try.
  • A mirror
  • Milani Jewel Silver nail polish. Silver glitters in a clear base.
  • Milani Jewel Gold nail polish. Gold glitters in a clear base.
  • Revlon Princess nail polish. Foiled silver blue.
  • Revlon Innocent nail polish. Foiled baby pink.
  • A cute thank you card
Thank you so much Yaz for sending more goodies my way. You really didn't have to but I much appreciate your thoughtfulness and I love everything you sent me.

That is it for this huge haul. What clearance items have you hauled recently? How are you spending new year's eve?

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  1. I'm staying in with my kiddos to. They're all sleeping, my hunnie crashed out, even the dog and cat are snoring away! 30 more minutes til 2012 is here =) I hope you have a wonderful, blessed, year!

  2. Happy new year to you Holly. It's funny how some go all out with the celebration while some of us just chilling like another other day :D


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