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Saturday, December 10, 2011

INGLOT Swatches - Neutral Colors (pic heavy)

Hi Lovelies,

Hope your weekend is off to a good start. I pretty much didn't do anything today beside working on my pictures and new posts. I hauled these eyeshadows from Inglot during their Black Friday sale and I just couldn't pass it up because I have been dying to try them for the longest time so this was a great opportunity to do so and still save a bit. The eyeshadows are originaly sold for $5.00 but with the sale they were $4.25 each, which is not bad considering the quality and amount of product that you get. The individual eyeshadow pan measures 1 1/8" x 1 1/4 and weighs either 2.3 g, 2.7 g, or 0.09 oz. I just noticed the weight varies in the shadows.
My 10 Shadow Freedom System palette was on sale for $11.90, originally $14.00. So with that said, the eyeshadows and the palette comes separately. It was a bit of a pain having to unwrap each eyeshadows but that's ok. What's important is that I got what I ordered and I received them in good condition.
I ordered 20 eyeshadows and two palettes. In this post, I'm only showing you the neutral colors. The colorful palette, I will have to post later when I get a chance to edit my pictures.

  • 359 matte - light blue pink
  • 361 matte - peachy pink (this could probably be used as a blush)
  • 407 pearl - shimmery coral and gold
  • 337 matte - dark nude
  • 341 matte - light nude with pink undertone
  • 419 pearl - antique shimmery gold with olive undertone
  • 376 matte - dark grey with purple undertone
  • 387 matte - medium grey with blue undertone
  • 344 matte - light taupe with pink undertone
  • 358 matte - light grey with purple undertone

As you can see, I mostly ordered mattes since they are harder to come by and I must say the textures of Inglot's mattes are fantastic! The best I ever had, lol. No seriously. Mattes are usually dry and stiff but these are velvety soft! They can be a bit powdery so don't swirl your brush in it, instead, dab your brush into the shadow to pick up the color.
The pearly shades are also lovely and swatched like a dream. I haven't used these shadows yet but upon first impression and swatching, I am blown away at how soft and pigmented the shadows are. So in another word, the hypes are true!

 359 Matte

361 Matte

 407 Pearl

 337 Matte

 341 Matte

419 Pearl

 376 Matte

 387 Matte

 344 Matte

358 Matte

Hope you found the swatches helpful.


  1. I lovvveee that matte greys and taupes! Oooh I wish I had chosen those colors!

  2. I love Inglot shadows! I love all the matte shadows that you bought!

  3. woa, those matte shades look amazing! they don't look chalky at all.

  4. Thanks ladies. I was mainly aiming for the mattes. I'm so glad that I did because Inglot does the best matte eyeshadows I've tried.

  5. Snap! I have every single colour you have on this page & totally agree that the mattes (as well as the pearls) are amazing. These colours are all so usable - definitely reach for eyeshadows! :) Great post.

    1. haha dang you must have a lot of Inglot eyeshadows

  6. I absolutely love 407! I just went on the inglorious website and the eyeshadows were $12 a piece, not $5 as mentioned above. Must have been the great Black Friday sale. Congrats on the great finds!

    1. wow did they just jack up the price? Yes, I got mines during black friday sale.

  7. thank you for the swatches! very pretty! in italy, 1 eyeshadow costs 6 euros.


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