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Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Teal Makeup Look

If you celebrated new year's eve, I hope you had a good time and made it home safe and sound. As far as I am concerned, I was just chilling at home. I didn't really do anything special, except have more drinks and food. And of course, played with my makeup.

I had this pair of glittery gold lashes that I bought from Forever 21 a while back and I have been wanting to use them. I thought it would be perfect for a new year's party look.
To be honest, after I finished my makeup and put them on, they looked so crazy one me, haha. I actually didn't really like it. It would have looked better with just regular black lashes. I don't know, maybe I need to use other color combo to make these lashes work because in the past, my colorful lashes turned out pretty good with my looks. Anyways, since I took the time to do this, I might as well just post it.

  • I used my NARS Danmari palette. Casino for contour, Desire for blush, and Hungry Heart Duo as highlight.

  • I started with the UDPP original all over lids to brow bone
  • I then used Benefit Tidal Rave Creaseless cream shadow on my lids
  • I started with Money from the UD BOS3 on the inner corner of my eyes
  • I used Trailer Trash pigment from Pure Luxe on the lids. I applied the pigments with a wet brush.
  • On the crease and outer V, I used a combination of Loaded and Perversion from the UD BOS3.
  • I lined the upper lash line with Physicians Formula Eye Booster Ultra Black
  • On the lower lash line, I used NYX Retractable Eyeliner Aqua Green and Gypsy Blue.
  • On the brow bone I used a Jet-Setting Jennifer, pearly shimmery light gold from the Balm Shady Lady palette Vol 1.
  • I applied the glittery gold eyelashes from Forever 21
  • I used Milani Easybrow to fill in my eyebrows.

  • I outlined my lips with a lip liner and MAC Seasoned Plum
  • I then used NYC Wild Orchid on my lips. This color is amazing for a drugstore product!
I hope you enjoyed this look. Again, glittery eyelashes are optional and can be substituted.
What makeup did you wear on New Year's Eve?

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  1. the gold lashes are a great touch! but i know what you mean about going a bit over the top.

  2. I love your lashes and lips, I think it wouldn't be as special with plain black lashes, a good everyday look maybe but not for New Years Eve :)

  3. love the makeup! i'm also your newest follower :) looking forward to more posts from your blog!


  4. Sugarbumpkin, thanks hun. Oh well, it's ok, I was just experimenting.

    Lillian, yes it did add a special touch to the look. I guess it was probably not what I expected that's all.

    Dorothy, thanks for stopping by and following. I hope you enjoy my posts and find them helpful.


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