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Monday, January 23, 2012

Comparing 4 Multi Glitter Polishes - Milani Jewel FX Gems, NYX Multi Glitter, Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday, and Color Club Wish Upon A Rock-Star

I've decided to compare these 4 multi-glitter polishes just to see how they compare with each other since they all have multi-colored glitters in a clear base.

Milani Jewel FX Gems - has a lot more reddish/orange glitters. I didn't noticed until now but for some reason the base is not completely clear. It has a green tint to it. I don't remember noticing that when I first bought it but now that I've swatched it over a white polish, the green tint to the base was very obvious. How weird! I wonder if the color of the glitters somehow dissolved in this polish. I remember Lindsay mentioning that she had the same issue with her Gems polish as well. That's quite a turn off.

NYX Multi Glitter - this is probably the closest dupe to Happy Birthday, however it has more green glitters. This one picked up the less amount of glitters in two coats. The clear base also take a ridiculous amount of time to dry, especially when you do 2 coats.
Deborah Lippman Happy Birthday - has a lot more blue and silver glitters than NYX Multi Glitter. Although all the other colors look pretty similar to it. As far as application goes, I like how this one applied the best. It picked up more glitters and distributed them more evenly.

Color Club Wish Upon A Rock-Star - the larger hex glitters are pinkish purple, otherwise the small glitters are multi-colored.

From left to right: Gems, Multi Glitter, Happy Birthday, and Wish Upon A Rock-Star

Final thought

Honestly, I think you can do with just one without having the others. The similarities are pretty close unless you put them under a microscope. For best application, Deborah Lippmann is definitely the best. NYX Multi-Glitter is the closest dupe I have to Happy Birthday. Although the application is probably the worst between the 4, it's still workable.
I really disliked the green tint in Gems, however if you are layering it over darker colors, it may not be that noticeable. The Color Club glitter is probably the one that is most different from all of them.

The question is which one would you rather get?

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  1. Eck. That Milani One is a turn off and i was contemptating weither to get that since it was the only multi glitter I have access too.

  2. I had it for so long and barely used it. It wasn't until I did this comparison that I noticed the green tint. I'm surprised not many people mentioned about this problem.

  3. Amazing post! Thanks for linking! I'm sad that the Milani one has such a green tint :( Milani is easy to get at the drugstore, I was hoping I would like that one the best.

    1. Thanks for checking it out. Yeah I was a bit disappointed at the Milani polish but I've got enough glitter polishes to keep my happy :p


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