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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wet Seal Haul

I may be a bit too old to shop at Wet Seal, lol, but I do my best to pick clothes that look flattering for my body type and appropriate for my age.

This is a small haul from Wet Seal during my last trip to the mall. The loose yellow top may not look like anything on the hanger but it's actually very simple and cute once I put it on. I think the two birdies are so cute lol. I got a few compliments when I wore this on casual friday. I prefer wearing loose fitting tops and jeggings/legging since I'm a little heavy on top. This was just $10.00.

Scavenging through Wet Seal's sales rack. I found this cute light beige lace ruffle top for $15.00. This is going to look great for work when paired with a cardigan.

I'm totally digging the rose print on this scarf. Looks very girly. I paid $10.50.

That's pretty much it for my cheap haul. I don't like buying expensive clothes unless they are significantly marked down and go with my style.

Do you like shopping at Wet Seal?

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  1. cute. and you sure do shop, a lot. ahah, jk.

  2. I like your floral top :) I have something similar from Express that i got for $15 last season. I don't think we really have Wet Seals in New York but I think I may have been to some when I visited other places. I'm a huge bargain hunter so I almost never pay full price for my clothing but I end up scoring decent branded items :D

    1. I love paying less for branded items but my biggest issue is always finding the right size on clearance, lol.


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