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Monday, January 16, 2012

Maybelline Color Tattoo Review & Swatches

Hi everyone,

Here is another exciting new product that made appearance in drugstore recently. All I gotta say is I'm quite impressed with the newbies. They definitely drew a lot of attention within the beauty community and I wanted to make sure I don't pass these up either. I also think the promo picture made me want these even more, lol.

There is 10 colors available, however, I only picked the ones that I felt was appealing to me and that I didn't have anything similar in my collection. I have been buying a lot of cream eyeshadows recently.

What Maybelline claims this product does:
  • 24 hours wear
  • Intense, long lasting color saturation
  • Cream formula that glides without creasing and keeping the color vibrant
  • Safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers

Bad to the Bronze - bronze it is, lol, that's all I gotta say. This is color is a lot more shimmery than the other 3 that I have.

Tenacious Teal - shimmery medium teal blue with small silver glitters.

Fierce & Tangy - there is a bit of shimmers in this tangerine cream shadow but they are less apparent as compared to the other 3 that I have. I have nothing like this shade in my collection so I'm quite happy to have.

Edgy Emerald - I think this shade is far from being emerald. It looks like a shimmery seafoam green to me.

  • They are individually packed in a glass jar, similar to many other cream eyeshadows.
  • Each contains .14 oz or 4 g of products. Just a little less than a MAC paint pot, which is .17 oz.

  • These cream eyeshadows are quite pigmented and blendable. I was able to apply and blend them with a brush but I feel it is easier to work with when using your fingers.
  • They are creamy but not nearly as smooth as MAC Paint Pots or Benefit Creaseless Cream shadows. The texture is a slightly thicker and tackier than my other high-end cream shadows.  
  • They do last all day (10 hours) without creasing or fading under normal condition, whether I wear a primer or not. FYI, my lids are moderately oily. I am not sure how they perform in the summertime.

Final thought
I think that this product does what it claims it does. I also wore them as eyeliners and they performed well also. This is a one of the best (or is it the only one?) drugstore cream shadows I've tried with a much friendlier price tag. As far as the texture goes, I still prefer the butter feel of my high-end cream eyeshadows. Nonethless, these worked well and lasted all day without creasing, which was great.
Rating 9.5/10.

Have you tried any of these yet? If so how did they work out for you?

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  1. I've been wanting to try these, I definitely want them now lol. Thank you for the review & swatches :) x


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