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Monday, January 9, 2012

Finger Paints Special Effects Flakies Swatches

Last night, I spent all night playing with my new friends so today I want to introduce you to them.

Motley over a black polish. This baby has blue and green flakes. Super gorgeous! This color combo reminds me of Deborah Lippmann's Across the Universe.

Here we have Flecked over a black polish. She's a little more green than blue. I don't know if it's just me but the flakies in this polish appear to have a green-blue duochrome.

And here we have Flashy, which may look familiar to you if you already own Hidden Treasure, Nubar 2010, or Shine of the Times. I actually like Flashy a lot more because the flakies are chunkier. This one has orange/green flakies.

Anyways, if you are not familiar with the flakies, they are ment to be used as top coats over another polish. They usually show up best over dark colors. They apply pretty smooth and are a lot easier to remove than glitters. I'm pretty sad that I couldn't find Twisted and Asylum. They are probably the prettiest of the bunch. I am hoping Sally will be restocking them.

Hope you enjoyed looking at my new BFF. Do you plan on getting any of these?


  1. These look amazing!!! Too bad I don't really live near a Sally's Beauty Supply and I don't think these are available online :( Hopefully more accessible drugstore brands jump on this flaky bandwagon!

  2. I hope so too! Cause they are so pretty! I need them in every color lol

  3. these are gorgeousss!!! soon as i get back to the U.S. I'm going to look for some!

    1. Sally is still selling them but they are getting sold like hot cakes lol


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