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Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Shoes - Ankle Strap Metallic Trim Pumps

The other day, I just felt like shopping so I went to the mall with my sister after work. I wasn't really looking for anything specific. Whenever, I stop by Charlotte Russe, I usually check their shoe section. I occasionally find a pair that I like.
I ended up buying these green pumps on clearance for $15.00, which is pretty cheap for a pair of pump like these. They were originally $38.50. There was also another one in a plum/wine color, which is available in limited size quality on Charlotte Russe's website.

To be honest, I was on the fence with these pairs because there was a couple things I didn't really like.

What I like:
  • I think the gold trim is a very nice touch.
  • I love the color. I dont' have any shoe this color. It's like a dark forest/teal green.
  • The criss-cross strap is also sexy.
  • The shoes feel light.
  • They make my legs look super long.
  • The price

What I don't like
  • The heel is very high (6 inches) but at the same time, there's a pretty big platform (2 inches) to alleviate the pressure on your sole. I'm usually not a fan of huge platform. I don't mind 1 inch but 2 doesn't usually appeal to me. The good thing is that the platform isn't too curvy so this gives me more control when I walk.
  • The comfort is average. I wished it covered my toes completely but my toe cleavage only shows slightly so it wasn't a deal breaker either.
  • I can't wear this to work. I usually pick shoes that are versatile but this is more of a party/going out shoes since they look a little more edgy.

Overall, not bad for $15.00. I'm hoping it doesn't just sit in my closet, lol.
What do you think of big platform and super high heels? Do they make you cringe?

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