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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Beauty Haul From Last Sunday - MAC, Sephora, Walgreens, and CVS

This may look like a lot but it really wasn't! I think I did good if you ask me. Since I was out and about on Sunday, I went shopping like everywhere and got a little bit of everything, including clothes and shoes, which was posted on my previous posts.

From MAC, I just bought the brush cleanser, which is so far the only one I've been using for the past few months and been loving it for spot cleansing.

From Sephora, I purchased the new Prisma Chrome eyeshadows in the shade Moon Beam.  My camera just can't do justice to show it truly looks in real life. Moon Beam literally glows like a pearl in the pan. It's a gorgeous light beige with iridescent pink tinge to it.  I don't have anything similar to this in my collection and out of the 10 shades they had available, this one stood out to me. These new single eyeshadows are a little pricey, $15.00 a pot but you do get a significant amount of product though. It's listed as limited edition on Sephora's website so you might want to check those out before they are gone if you find them interesting.

The iridescent pink shimmers was hard to capture on camera but you can see a little bit of it at the top.

I redeemed my 100 points reward for this sample size of Guerlain Automatique lipstick. It's so little and cutesy! I love how it came in this fancy looking little paper bag. These won't be around for long so if you have enough points, go get this little mini lippie just because it's Guerlain.

I have the shade 120, which is also called Coque D'or. I haven't swatched it yet but it looks like a warm red with gold shimmers.

On the back of the mini lipstick packaging is listed the name and color scheme of the available shades from the Guerlain Rouge Automatique line. IDK but I'm so tempted to buy one just because it sounds so fancy! LOL.
Sephora was giving out some free samples so I grabbed a handful.


There was a Walgreens next to the DSW where I bought my boots from. Didn't see anything I wanted beside these two Revlon nail polishes. I bought Posh and Sassy. Posh is like a dark jade green color, I first noticed it when Steph did her recent haul and I really liked the color so I've been wanting to get it. Sassy is a lime green color. Both are creme finishes.

While I was looking around Walgreens for stuff to buy, lol, I found these pink eyelashes! So cute! I'm pretty sure most of you don't use colored lashes but I've used a few colored lashes on some of my makeup looks and I absolutely love how they complemented the looks I did. I'd buy them in every color if I could!

I saw Nouveau Cheap do a swatch of this Wet N Wild eyeliner and I was sold! LOL. It was very pigmented, which was a nice surprise. My experience with drugstore felt tip liners was that they always dried up too quick or were difficult to apply because the color doesn't glide evenly on the skin. To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if this one dried up fast either but we shall see.

Dark brown was so dark, it almost looks black.

I scooped the new Cover Girl Blastflipstick lip duo in Flashy. I was having a hard time deciding which shade to pick. The reason I got this was because I was curious about the product and able to get $2 extra care bucks back.

If you didn't know it, CVS is currently having 75% off on select Milani products. The store I went to had a pitiful selection so I only got these two items. Don't know what I did with the receipt but they were just a couple bucks.

Milani Grape-Tini lipstick. What a cute name! This is like a mauvy light purple with some gold shimmers. I'm a sucker for this type of shade!

Milani Minerals Blush in Mai-Tai. This looks like such a pretty coral. It reminds me of the color of a guava, lol.

Well that's it for my little haul. What's the latest deals you've spotted at the drugstores?

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  1. Ahhhh! I didn't know those Sephora eyeshadows were limited edition!

    1. I didn't know either but when I looked it up on their site, it says so.

  2. Omgsh that's such a good 100 point perk!! They're having a skincare event this coming weekend and if you buy a skincare product, you can trade in 100 points for a full sized moisturizer. I think I'm going to run to Sephora after work to see if they have any.... I've been so good about saving my points up for SUCH A LONG TIME and I'm almost at 500 :D I wanted that Mai Tai blush really bad but by the time I got to my CVS the Milani display was an utter mess and there were no more blushes :( Oh wellsss. Happy to see you got a bunch of beautiful goodies! :D

    1. wow this is great to know! I could restock on skincare products. Sorry to hear that you didn't get the Mai Tai blush. Are you going to get the Guerlain lippie?

  3. Oooh....purple please? ^^

  4. yes swatch of the milani lipstic!! =)

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