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Friday, January 20, 2012

Cute Blog Award and Eleven Questions Tag

I want to thank Steph for keeping me in mind and giving me this award. Please take a moment to check out her blog. She's such a sweet person and her hauls always amazes me!

For this award you:

1. Link back to the person who nominated you.

2. Answer the award questions.

3. Tell something about yourself you haven't told anyone on your blog yet.

4. Award as many blogs that you think are worthy of this award.

5. Make sure you let those you gave the award to know that you awarded them.

Award Questions:

1. What is your go to makeup product? It's hard for me to just pick one item but if we are talking about things that I consider the bare necessities then I would say foundation, blush, eyeliner, and lipstick. The rest, I don't mind skipping.

2. What was your favorite fashion trend of 2011? Wow, this is a tough one for me because I am not keeping up with the current trends. However, my favorite things to wear are skinny jeans or jeggings and loose tops.

3. What is your favorite dessert? Too many to list but anything with chocolate will do :D

4. Favorite color? Red, pink, teal, fuchsia, magenta, and purple.

5. What is your middle name? I don't have a middle name.

6. What was the last song you listened to? Demande moi by Marc Lavoine.

Something you don't know about me yet:

I'm such an insomniac! I typically get about 5-6 hours of sleep during the day because I have a hard time getting myself to bed before 2 am. I tend to makeup for my sleep deprivation on the weekends. Need I say, I am not a morning person either.

Eleven Question Tag

I have been tagged by the lovely Huda and One Glass Slipper to answer 11 questions. Sorry for the late post but still better late than never. :)

The rules are pretty straight forward and simple. First, you need to post eleven things about yourself. Second, answer the questions that your tagger set for you in his or her post. Then you need to create eleven original questions of your own for the people you tag to answer. Finally, you have to choose eleven people to do this tag. You cannot say, "Anyone who reads this is tagged," or anything of that nature. You HAVE to tag ELEVEN particular people, and then go to their page to let them know they've been tagged.

Eleven facts about myself

1. I hate working out but I love Zumba! I usually go to Zumba class at least twice a week.

2. The last movie I saw was Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol

3. I'm a huge procrastinator

4. Food and makeup are probably my biggest vice.

5. I typically get an average of 5-6 hours of sleep on the week days, which is not good.

6. I'm 5'4

7. My hobbies are blogging and shopping in case you didn't notice, jk. I can never get tired of that.

8. I know how to crochet but I can't knit.

9. I hate going to the doctor. Thankfully, I am rarely ever sick. I have a pretty strong immune system.

10. I'm near-sighted and blind as a bat. I seriously need laser eye surgery.

11. I have over 100 pairs of shoes...I lost count at that point.

Eleven questions asked by Huda

1. What are you most looking forward to in 2012? A vacation! I always look forward to a family vacation with my kids. I still haven't figured out where to go but I will be going somewhere!

2. What's your biggest fear? Something bad happening to my kids, that would be my worst and most dreaded fear.

3. Do you plan on facing that fear in 2012? Heck no! I hope nothing happens to them. I wouldn't know what to do.

4. Have you ever traveled? Only within the US so far.

5. Can you speak a language other than English? Yes, Hmong and French. Hmong being my native language and I know French because it's where I grew up.

6. If you could go back and change ONE thing that happened in 2011, what would it be? I rarely hope to change the past. I'm a person who always move forward so I never think of changing anything that's past but I do make the necessary changes for the things going forward.

7. Are you more into fashion or makeup? I'm definitely more obsessed with makeup at the moment.

8. What's your biggest pet peeve? Gosh I don't even know where to start cause I have a lot, lol. But I guess rudeness would be the most annoying.

9. Do you have any big resolutions for 2012? Nah, I hate making resolutions lol cause they don't always work for me. Not sure if that's good or bad.

10. Did you have resolutions for 2011, and did you achieve them? I had some, I did achieve some but not all.

11. What's your biggest strength and biggest weakness? I think reasoning is my biggest strength. My biggest weakness is faith. Sometimes I feel like my life just hangs in limbo because of that.

Eleven questions by me
1. What's your favorite memory of 2011?
2. Who or what inspired you in 2011 and why?
3. What was your biggest challenge in 2011?
4. What do you love about yourself?
5. Do you mostly plan ahead or do you mostly do things on the fly?
6. What kind of compliment do you often get?
7. What makes you happy?
8. How do you remedy a sad situation?
9. What do you do when someone makes you mad?
10. What's your favorite holiday?
11. What do you typically do on the weekends?

I'm tagging the following lovely ladies for the Cute Blog Award and Eleven Questions. Please take a moment to check out their blogs as well.

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  1. thank you so much for nominating me!:D I will be sure to do this tag soon! And I think it's so cool you grew up in France!

    1. You're welcome! I think it's always a good experience to be exposed to other culture and language.

  2. Thanks for nominating me :D You're so sweet!

    1. You're welcome. Your blog deserves it :)

  3. I'm near-sided too! I'm thinking of getting Lasik as well, but I've chickened out in the past lol Congrats on the award. You more than deserve it! Thanks for doing my tag, and also for nominating me as well. I'll do this soon <3


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