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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chanel Illusion D'Ombre Epatant - Swatches and Review

Well this is a long overdue post since these eyeshadows came out in early July as part of Chanel 2011 fall collection. The good news is these have been added to their permanent collection so you can still get them anytime.

  • Sleek and classy looking
  • Brush included, works great if you are using it for eyeliner. However, since it's such a small compact brush it's easy to lose. I currently have no clue where it went now.
  • Net weight is .14 oz or 4 g which is a bit less than a MAC paint pot.
  • These retails for $36.00 a pot, which is oh so damn expensive!

  • There is a total of six shades to choose from but I liked Epatant the best. It's a gorgeous shimmery kaki green.
  • The texture of this eyeshadows is amazing! It feels like a mousse but when it touches your skin, it melts into a powder finish. It applies so smoothly and blends easily!
  • The pigmentation is also incredible for something that feels so weightless.
  • These eyeshadows are extremely shiny, giving you a foiled like effect. They are more suited for night time or dramatic looks.
  • The lasting power is also outstanding. It does not budge or crease even without a primer. It stays on until you take it off.

Final Thought

The quality and performance of this cream eyeshadow is top notch and I'm glad that it is considering the hefty price tag, which can be a burden for must of us. I almost fainted when the sales associate told me my total, lol. At the time, I also purchased 2 nail polishes from the fall collection as well.
I really wished that they had colors that were less shimmery. I would have gotten more use out of it.
So the finish of the product maybe something you'll find more or less desirable depending on your tastes. But as far as the overall product and formula, this eyeshadow is very impressive!
My rating 10/10.

What do you think of Chanel's beauty products?

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