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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Chocolate Ornaments = Childhood Memories

I went to TJ Maxx last week to see if they have added any new products on their beauty section. Didn't find anything interesting so I went on my merry way to look around. I saw these chocolate ornaments on clearance and my eyes lit up. AWWWW! Excited I bought these two packs. Can't remember how much they were anymore but I think for both it was less than $10.

When I was little and we still lived in France, we were poor and mom never really gave us any Christmas presents but we did have a christmas tree adorned with only chocolate ornaments, such as these. They are wrapped in shiny decorated foil paper and even come with a little gold string. We weren't allowed to eat the chocolate balls until Christmas day but we would occasionally steal them from the tree cause they are just too delicious to look at, LOL.
My kids couldn't understand the excitement when I showed them these chocolate balls so I had to tell them my story. Such were our childhood Christmas. If I only gave chocolate ornaments for my kids on Christmas, I think they'll hate me. Kids these days have it too good.

I totally didn't expect to find these at TJ Maxx. I really wished they sell these at retailers like Walgreens, Wal-Mart, and such. I so much rather have these on my Christmas tree than candy cane. What can I say, I just love chocolate and these chocolate ornaments are a piece of my childhood's christmas. They taste very good too.

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  1. ...i know exactly what you mean by when you say your kids just didn't understand the excitement!

    i blogged about something similar a few weeks ago.

    on the bright side, it's these little pleasures in life that make us who we are - and i wouldn't trade it for all the money, electronics, etc in the world! :)


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