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Saturday, January 14, 2012

L'oreal Infallible Eyeshadows Reviews & Swatches

Hello beautiful readers,

I couldn't wait to share with you the review and swatches of these new L'Oreal Infallible eyeshadows that recently hit the market. But of course, before I do my reviews, I had to allow myself a few days of testing. To be honest, I wanted to buy them all when I first spotted them but I only grabbed two to try first and then got the rest when they were on BOGO sale.
You may or may not have heard this but one of the reason there is so much hype about this product is because the formula is supposed to be similar to the Giorgio Armani Eyes Intense to Kill eyeshadows, which retails for $32.00 a pot! These L'Oreal eyeshadows costs about $7 to $8, depending on where you purchase them. You may get them for even less when they are on  BOGO sale at Ulta, Walgreens, and CVS.

This is what L'Oreal claims that this product does:
  • Intense, maximized color
  • Luxurious powder-cream texture
  • 24 hours long-lasting hold
  • Waterproof, crease resistant, fade resistant
There is a total of 12 colors but I only got 10 of them (the ones I found that I will most likely use).

  • Sultry Smoke - semi-matte medium gray.
  • Midnight Blue - very intense shimmery dark blue.
  • Eternal Black - matte black eyeshadow with small silver glitters.
  • Infinite Sky - metallic light blue.

  • Continuous Cocoa - semi-matte dark brown.
  • Bronzed Taupe - I think the name of the color is pretty much dead on. This is metallic.
  • Endless Pearl - semi-matte off white. I like this type of color for higlighting my brow bone.
  • Amber Rush - metallic bronze.

  • Golden Sage - the description of this color is pretty much spot on as well. This is shimmery.
  • Perpetual Purple - shimmery intense purple.


I'm not the best when it comes to describing colors, lol, thankfully the pictures can give you a better idea of what I'm talking about. I think it's great that these eyeshadows come in different finishes. All these colors are quite beautiful and pigmented. The color that stood out the most for me is Perpetual Purple. There is just something about it that makes me go wow. I'm gonna have to do a makeup look with it and see how that turns out.

  • They come in a little jar and inside the jar is a little plastic thingy, whatever you wanna call it, that you are supposed to keep in, as it is labelled "do not discard." I'm not too sure what it is for but I would assume to prevent it from drying out maybe?
  • There is quite a decent amount of product in each jar I think. .12 oz or 3.5 g.
  • Overall I think the packaging looks nice. If you flip it up side down, you can see the color inside.
  • If you plan on buying a lot of these, storing them maybe a small issue since they are individually packaged, thus taking up more storage space.

  • These eyeshadows have an interesting texture. It's a powder yet it has a buttery texture of a cream.
  • They are quite pigmented, especially the darker shades. They look just as good with or without a primer.
  • They blend easily.
  • I tested them with and without a primer and they perform great even without a primer. I didn't notice any creasing or fading even after 10 hours of wear under normal condition. FYI, my lids are moderately oily. I'm not sure how these will hold off on hot summer days. Personally, if these can look great from morning till night, I'm pretty happy with that even though they claim to last 24 hours, I really don't know who would want to wear their eyeshadows that long.

Final thought
I'm very impressed with these eyeshadows. They worked well on me and did everything that they claim to do. The formula is very easy to work with. The shadows with the semi-matte finish didn't apply as smooth as the shimmery or metallic shades but they are still great and blendable.
Overall, I think these are amazing for a drugstore product. I'm so happy that they come up with products comparable to high-end but with a friendlier price tag. Definitely recommend.
My rating: 10/10.

Have you tried any of these yet? What are your thoughts? Did they meet your expectation?

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  1. These look nice, but I don't know if I actually want to pick 1 up to try it. lol

    1. It's up to you. If you don't find it interesting enough you can skip these. Beside it doesn't hurt to try since walgreens and CVS have a pretty good return policy.

  2. I love these eyeshadows! I only picked up the couple of neutral colors since I don't wear a lot of brights. Thanks for the swatches, I might go back and pick up a few more.


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