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Monday, January 30, 2012

My Adorable New Bag :D

It's that time of the month again, where I have to bust my chops harder and longer at work. **Sigh** So if I disappear this week, that would be why.
I left work at 7 pm tonight and just felt like making a pit stop at TJ Maxx, since it's always on my way home. I love how they often have new stuff so you never know what you gonna find. I always check the purse section and have been lusting over a couple Michael Kors bags but felt like I wasn't ready to spend the money on it just yet but I kept looking around anyways.
I spotted this striped black and white bag and it was LOVE! I normally don't fall head over heels for a bag, lol, but this one had me at Hellloooooo.
The design is simple, chic, classy, with an edge to it. Perfectly fits my style. I love how it doesn't look like your typical bag. The stripes really makes it fun and different and the gold metal adds a nice touch. It comes with a cute little tassle hanging on the side and detacheable straps.
I wish it was slightly bigger but it's still a pretty decent size and has enough room to hold the necessities.
The quality of the material is not the best in the market but it sure isn't bad either. It's pretty good for what I paid. The purse is very well made, in my opinion. The stitchings are nice and straight.
Totally loving this bag and the unique design. It cost me only $29.99. A price I'm pretty content with.

The brand is Nila Anthony. Not sure if you've heard of it but I haven't, lol. I just checked  their website and I think they do have some pretty cute bags. Although I can't find the exact same one that I just bought. The price range is average and range from $50 to $90.

If interested, feel free to check out their site.

What do you think of my new bag? Would you buy something like this?


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  1. This is super cute! I love the design but not too much the model.


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