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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fashion Haul and Food From Last Sunday

Last Sunday, I met up with a group of friends to at the Cheesecake Factory to celebrate their birthdays during lunch. Only one of the birthday girl showed up. The other one was being a party pooper. Nonetheless, we had a great time and awesome foods.
I was only able to snap some pictures with my phone, which takes crappy quality pix so I do apologize for that.

I bought the Georgia Peach drink for the birthday girl. It has Vodka, peaches, and raspberries. The glass was actually pretty huge she could barely finish it! This was $9.00.

I was craving crabs so I ordered some Crispy Crab Bites. I ate one before remembering to take a pic, lol. This also came with a mustard dipping sauce. This was $6.95. Pretty pricey for 6 little bites but they were very good!

I decided pick something different. I tried to be good with my diet so I went with a Skinnylicious Veggie Burger. It also came with a side salad. This is supposedly under 590 calories. Holly cow! Look at that huge patty! The patty is made out of brown rice, farro, black beans, fresh beets, and onions. It tasted a little sweet for a burger. I wouldn't say that it was amazing but it certainly tastes like veggies and it was very filling without feeling heavy, which is amazing for under 590 calories. If it was a meat burger this huge, it would have been double the calories. This burger meal was $8.95.

Needless to say, I didn't have any more room for dessert after I ate this veggie monster. We decided to hit up the mall after our feast. I bought a couple beauty products but I will post them in another posts.

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After we got done shopping at the mall, we went our separate ways and I had the urge to stop by DSW, since it was just a couple blocks away from the mall. I came across these Tahari boots. They are like a dark brown/coffee kind of color. They look like suede leather boots but they're not real suede.  The material feels very soft and stretchy! Which is amazing because I can't fit my big calves in most knee-length boots. So imagine how thrilled I was. The heels are about 4 inches but since they have an inch hidden platform, they are so comfortable on the feet. They look chic and classy! Definitely my style.
I also grabbed these boots from the clearance section and had a $10 rewards coupon so with that said I only paid like $44.00. The original retail price was $149.00, DSW price was $89.95 minus 40% clearance and coupon...I'm pretty happy with the saving. Currently there is only a few sizes available on DSW's website but you can click HERE to view it if you want to check it out.

Second store I stopped by was Burlington Coat Factory. They had these cute lace-trimmed camis for $10 a pair! That was a pretty awesome price! I got a navy blue, baby pink, fuschia, and light beige colors.

I don't know why my camera didn't pick up the right color for this slightly dark fuchsia long sleeve top. It looks pinker and brighter than pictured. It's simple but looks pretty nice on and also comes with this braided tie around the waist. The price was also amazing! I only paid $5.99 for it!

Since I go to the gym pretty regularly, I have been needing and buying more sweat pants. I don't want to spend too much money on them so I do shop around and Burlington Coat Factory is THE best place to go because they have a pretty good selection with attractive prices. These dark navy blue sweat pants have the word HOPE printed on upper left leg. The peace symbol is actually made out of some sort of rhinestone look alike things so it looks pretty glitzy and hip! This cost me only $9.99.

Can't never get too many sweater dresses! Pair these with some tights and sexy boots (like the ones above) and you are good to go! This dress is knitted with brown and dark brown yarns, it also comes with a matching tie around the waist. This was $24.99, a little pricier than I would prefer to pay but I love how it fits in the right places so I bought it anyways.

So that is it for my food of the day and fashion haul.

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  1. Those crab bites look so yummy and those boots are gorgeous!! Cute fashion haul :) x

    1. Oh they were so good. I wish I had more. I absolutely love the boots. They look and feel great and are so comfy.


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