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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Orly Galaxy FX Nail Polish Swatch - Star Trooper and Intergalactic Space

Hello pretties,

I'm a bit tired but wanted to share this post with you before I go lie down. I got these two new polishes from Sally Beauty supply about a week or two ago. I was debating really hard because the collection looked quite interesting and pretty glittery but I had to remind myself that I need to stay on budget so with all the self control that I could gather, I only managed to pick just two polishes out of the collection. So far, I've been doing good.

Star trooper has a very sheer dark brown base with lots of gold shimmers, small matte white glitters, and medium silver glitters. It's quite unique and pretty cool-looking, which is what I like. The formula is very thick and tend to goop in some area so spreading it evenly wasn't easy. I also needed 3 coats to get opacity. I would suggest a few drops of thinner with this one. I added a clear top coat over the swatches as well.

Intergalactic Space has a sheer dark purple base with fine blue shimmers, small bronze and pink glitters, and large round white matte glitters. I could not get any of the large white glitters at all. They all sunk into the bottom of the bottle and not matter how much I try to fish them out, I have not been successful at all.
This one is also quite stunning in person. It's also very thick and difficult to spread evenly; however, I only needed two coats for opacity. I am also wearing a clear top coat over the swatches.

I'm pretty happy with the way these two polishes look but the formula could've been better. Not really a deal breaker since I can thin it down.


  1. Intergalactic Space is absolutely gorgeous! I only have one Orly polish so I actually didnt know about their repackaging


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