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Friday, September 28, 2012

Sinful Colors Let Me Go

In the bottle, this shade shifts from blue to purple and teal. I was worried about how it would turn out on the nails but it was on sale for 99 cents when I bought it so I figure ok, if I end up not liking, I won't feel too bad.

 What I lilked
  • There is some color shifting but quite subtle
  • At certain angle, you can catch a glimpse of a very pretty blue sheen.

What I didn't like
  • It was sheer and nothing like how it looked in the bottle. I have 3 coats on the swatches.
  • It's obnoxiously frosty! Had it been less frosty, I would have loved it more.
  • Dries very slow but you'd still have to wait until it dries between coats so that you don't end up pulling and dragging the previous coat.
  • It has a tendency to pool so make sure you do thin coats to avoid that.
I don't like this polish on its own but I wore it about a week ago with some glitters on top and the glitters made it look prettier lol.

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