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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Zoya Feifei Swatches

Hello everyone,

I hope your weekend is good so far. Can I just say that I am right now feeling pretty upset? I went to K-Mart after dropping of my son to his school block party and bought a few things. Well, I can't find a couple of the things that I bought and I don't know if the cashier put it in my bag or what but I'm pretty frustrated that I paid for something that I don't have.
Second thing, I went to Big Lots and as I was about to pull out of the parking lot, I notice this lady walking right behind my car. Luckily, I was quick enough to step on the brake. She wasn't paying attention and still talking on her cellphone. She stopped and gave me the nastiest stare (while still on her cellphone). Doesn't she know that getting distracted on the cellphone can get you killed even if you are not driving? Ok, I understand that we are supposed to look out for pedestrians but don't they know that they also need to watch out for motorist too? I am always careful when walking by parked cars because you never know when one is going to pull out. She is lucky I have quick reflexes otherwise she would have ended up underneath my car. I always tell my kids "you need to watch out for cars wherever they are any around you. Don't expect that they are going to stop for you because if you both accidentally collide, guess who's going to get hurt."

Anyways, Feifei was one that I knew I had to have when I first saw swatches of it and the main reason I jumped on the recent Zoya BOGO promo. Feifei is new and from the Diva Collection for fall.

First off, look at how strikingly unique this shade is. Feifei is a sheer bluish grey polish with lots of sparkling gold, teal, blue, and pink micro glitters. It is a lot more sparkly in person but I think my camera did a fairly decent job at capturing its beauty. You will need 3 coats in order to reach a decent color pay off and this is what I have on the swatch. I spent a whole day last week swatching my new Zoya polishes and I am pretty happy with all the ones that I've got. This is one of them that I did not want to remove after swatching it. It's just so pretty to look at.

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  1. The color is magnificent. It doesn't look that sheer to me, though, which is great because I don't like sheer polishes! That's frustrating about not being able to find your items that you've paid for. I had that happen to me once ;( It's definitely frustrating. As for the lady, she should have been lucky not to have been rear ended by you, and SHE'S the one giving YOU the stare? LOL People, these days, I tell you...

    1. Oh it is sheer. That was most people's complaint because Zoya labeled this polish as opaque. There are certain polish that I don't mind them being sheer because they are great for layering.
      All I gotta say is people who think they have the right-of-way because they are pedestrians will eventually end up dead or losing a limb. There are many blind spots for motorists and you just can't assume that they will see you. For those who do, they will learn it the hard way.

  2. Wow this is such a pretty color. Love your pictures too.

    1. It is quite unique. I don't have anything like it.


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