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Saturday, September 1, 2012


Hello beautifuls,

About a week ago, Zoya announced a BOGO free promo and boy oh boy! That was exciting! On top of that there was a free shipping included (not sure how many you needed to get free shipping). There is no reason for you not to jump on this opportunity right? I hope you all had a chance to snag a few polishes. I'm so happy that due to this promo, I was able to get all this for $24.00. Definitely fits into my budget.

As you probably noticed at first glance, I got somewhat stuck into the Teal family. Just had to throw an odd ball in there.

From left to right: Frida, Akyra, and Wednesday

From left to right: Uli, Feifei, and Evvie

Included with my package was these free swatches of Zoya's latest collections. I think that it is a pretty neat idea that they include that.

If you took advantage of this sale, let me know what you got :D

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  1. Great picks! I'll have to keep Akyra and Wednesday in mind for the future! Can't wait for swatches!

    1. I don't always have a list of polishes for Zoya so when the promo came up, I was googling swatches left and right hahah.

  2. Replies
    1. I can't wait to see what you got :)

  3. I picked up 6 polishes as well during this deal (6 or more polishes got you free shipping)! My polishes are still on their way to me and it's my first time ordering from Zoya so I'm really excited. I got Wednesday as well and a few other shades that I think are perfect for fall and that are unique to my collection. Uli looks really pretty! I think it's great that Zoya throws in a few free polish swatches which probably is not good for my wallet XD

    1. Girl, I just found out that those who ordred 2 more polishes also received a free nail polish remover and body wash. SMH, I wish I had known that otherwise, I'm still happy with what I got. That's great that you eventually made your first purchase with zoya. I'm pretty happy with the brand overall.


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