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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Jewelry Haul - H&M and Charlotte Russe

Hello lovely readers,

Here are a few jewelry pieces that I hauled last weekend, smh...

The first piece is a white/pink multichromatic statement necklace. It's so pretty, I knew I had to bring this one home the minute I saw it. It imitates the color of a seashell and depending on how the lights hits it, it reflects green and orange colors. It has a pretty good weight and quality feel to it. $19.95 from H&M.

Also from H&M, I purchased this simple white and gold chain necklace with a matching bracelet set. There is a purple-is translucent glow to the white which makes these pieces even prettier. It was hard for my camera to capture that but it is more noticeable in person. I am stunned by how affordable these pieces are. They definitely look more expensive than they really are. The necklace was $7.95 and the bracelets $6.95.

Most of Charlotte Russe Jewelries are 2 for $10.00, so when I spotted the beautiful necklace, I felt like I had to have it, lol. It's a combination of chains, pearls, and black chiffon fabric laced between the chain. For the second piece, I picked this white/gold armor ring. Also super cute and long. It is stretchable so makes it easy for fitting. 

Do you have an armor ring? If yes, where did you get yours from?

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  1. lovely rings girl! cute blog btw :)

    1. Thank you. There was another one I wanted but they didn't have my size :(


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