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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rimmel London Kate 15 lipstick Swatch

I purchased this lipstick from CVS a few days ago. I haven't noticed it before so I am assuming that it must be a new shade. It was labeled as a layering shade, which I thought was interesting.

Rimmel London Kate 15 is a semi-sheer, shimmery, mauve taupe color with a frosty finish. There is a bit of slip to the formula which I can see why it would be labeled as a layering shade. On its own, it applies a bit blotchy. In spite of having a sheerness to it, if you layer it, I think it still packs a decent color payoff.

This shade may not be your cup of tea and I can imagine a lot of people finding it hard to pull off. It can make you look cold or sick, if that makes sense. If you do not like how cool toned lipstick look on you then you are definitely not going to love it. I like the fact that it's not too dark or vampy, which still makes it wearable.

As a layering shade, I think it works great. It will instantly add a cool undertone to any lipstick. This is perfect for fall and winter, IMO.

I'm light-skinned, NC25, and I personally like how it looks on me. If you plan on trying this shade, I think it will look best paired with dark smoky eyes. If you want to tame a bright lipstick, layering this lipstick over it will do the trick too.

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  1. this looks great on and Kates lipstick range was gorgeous!

    1. I have a few from the line and I quite like them.

  2. Beautiful beautiful shade! I need to go buy this one as well! I have one from the Kate collection and it's a red. This one is SO pretty! You look gorgeous!

    1. Thank you. I also like how it looks layered over other lipsticks.


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