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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Zoya Uli Swatches

Hello Beautifuls,

Before I forget, I wanna wish you all a happy Labor Day. I am so happy to get an extra day off work but we all know that it won't last too long. Next thing you know, I'll be back to work again. 

I've had the chance today to swatch my new Zoya nail polishes that I just hauled and we are starting off here with Uli. 

Uli is a peachy nude shade with a subtle gold shimmer. It looks gorgeous in the bottle but I'm not too crazy about how it looks on my nails. The color blends with my skin tone and looks kinda boring to me. I feel the urge to top it with some glitter or something else to add more oomph to it. 
As far as the formula goes, I thought it was good. Not too thin or too thick, just the right consistency. You can get opaque coverage in two coats but I did 3 coats on the swatches because I had some uneven and bald spots. 

If you like nude nail polish, this might be one to consider.

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