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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

OOTD - Tribal Print Vest + Leggings

Today was probably one of the busiest day of my life. I felt like I blinked and the day was over. You know it's one of those days when you are just overwhelmed. All you have is just issues waiting on you and you don't even know where to start anymore. I almost worked through the day without a lunch until my co-worker/friend asked me how come I'm not taking my lunch, lol. It was 2 pm by then and I was still typing away on the computer. I thanked her for the reminder and fled from my desk for a quick bite.

This was my outfit of yesterday actually. As you can see I'm still working in the past, lol. I had gone to Dots the day before just to see if I could put that coupon to use and I surprisingly walked out of there with more things that I initially intended.

  • The tribal print vest was on clearance for $14.00 from Dots. Please excuse the lighting in the hallway, it always messes the colors of my outfits. But with the portrait picture, you can see the true colors of the prints, which are quite gorgeous. The material of the vest is very light, semi-sheer, and soft. I like how flowy it was. 
  • Underneath the vest, I'm wearing a brown cami. 
  • I added a neon yellow skinny belt, that I also purchased from Dots. Since the vest is very loose and flowy, the belt helps redefine some of my curves. It actually came with a set of three for $8.00. The other belt is a neon pink and a black studded belt. 
  • I purchased these loose-fitting green leggings from K-Mart for around $8.00.
  • I'm wearing a pair of brown gladiator style heels with some gold studs detailing and gold zippers. They are from the brand Cupid and I think I bought them from Burlington Coat Factory but I'm not sure because they are like 1 or 2 years old. They have an inch platform and are about 6 inches high but they are actually quite comfortable for being heels.
  • For the accessories, I wore these long leafy gold earrings, my A|X marble watch, a studded wrap bracelet and a pyramid gold chain bracelet.

Overall, it's a pretty simple outfit that kinda looks like a transition between summer and fall. The print of the vest, neon belt, and shoes were probably the highlight of the look. 

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  1. I love the prints on your vest! So fashionable :)



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