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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Nicole By OPI Just Busta Mauve

Have you noticed how it is starting to get darker earlier now? As soon as I got home from work last night, I quickly removed my previous nail color and applied Just Busta Mauve on my nails so that I can snap a few pictures of it before the sun goes down. I try to take my nail swatches under natural indoor lighting because they come out more true to color than they do under different lighting. Even so, sometimes the camera just can't capture everything that you can see with the naked eyes. I have been considering a macro lense for my Rebella but they cost just as much as my camera so ughhhh, IDK. That would mean I need to stop shopping for the next 6 months! lol, you know that ain't gonna happen!

So meanwhile, I'm just going to do the best I can with what I've got. If you've seen my previous post, I had swatched For Gold Times Sake and Busta Mauve is similar in terms of formula and finish.
It's very sheer and thin so you will need at least 3 coats. The finish is metallic with fine glitters. Very smooth and shiny. The glitters in this polish are blue, red, and gold, whereas the base color is burgundy. 

The outcome is really beautiful and I'm totally in love with these new Nicole by OPI nail polishes. Once again, Just Busta Mauve and For Gold Times Sake are only available at Target.

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