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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Autumn Plums Makeup Look

Last night, I wanted to post something but couldn't figure what, lol. Yeah, some days, I have no clue what I'm going to write. I had this urge to do swatches with the new Zoya nail polishes that I just hauled but decided that it would be useless since it's so dark. The swatches do come out better with natural lighting so I probably will end up doing them sometime today or tomorrow. I have a lot of products that I haven't  used enough to do a decent review. I really need to organize my stuff so that I don't always reach for the same products.

So I figured last night that I should try a fall inspired makeup since fall is going to fall upon us pretty soon. When I think of the fall colors, the first things that come to mind is yellow, red, plums, and browns. I'm also thinking about doing a less colorful fall look, perhaps something a little more earthtone, a little more grey, more muted.

I think I may need to incorporate more natural, earth tone, wearable looks. I guess the reason why I haven't done many of these is because I feel like they all seem to look the same. But I'm gonna try to see if I can make them a little more interesting. If you have any makeup look request, please feel free to ask. It gives me new ideas too.

Ok, enough ramblings and on to this makeup look...

Product used

  • Physicians Formula Cashmerewear bronzer
  • MAC On a Mission Powder blush

  • UDPP original
  • Benefit Plum-ing for Gold cream eyeshadow on the center and outter V of my eyes
  • Urban Decay Half Baked in the inner part of my eye lids
  • Using a wet brush, I applied Milani I Heart You on the center of my lids and blend it to the outter corner of my eyes.
  • To define my eyes, I applied L'Oreal Infallible eyeshadow in Smoldering Plum on the outterV and crease
  • Urban Decay Virgin to highlight my brow bone
  • Make Up Forever Eyebrow Corrector (3) to fill in my brows
  • I lined my upper lids with Physicians Formula Eyebooster Ultra Black and Milani Infinite Liquid Eyeliner in the shade Forever. I like how it adds a litte touch of warmth on the contour of my eyes. I prever to line a colored eyeliner over a black eyeliner because it gives my eyes more definition and depth.
  • I lined the lower lash line with Urban Decay 24/7 Ramson. I used Smoldering Plum to smudge  the outter lower corner of my eyes and used NYX Gold Jumbo Pencil on the lower inner corner of my eyes.
  • ELF false lashes


As you can see, it's not crazy bright but not a subtle look either. You could pair this eye makeup with a subtle lip color to make it more daytime friendly. Otherwise, I think this look would be good for like a Thanksgiving or holiday party.



  1. Wow! this is so pretty and i love how striking the colours are!

    Great post! xxx

  2. Your makeup is amazing. A friend of mine told be you have the best makeup for bold looks and I love that kind of look. I think it's amazing and I love the blue that you like your lower lash with. You look awesome!

    1. Awww thank you! I'm very flattered with the compliment. I see so many talented people out there and to see that my work is also appreciated means a lot.

  3. I looove the colors you used! Your hair looks gorgeous as well!

    1. Thank you. I'm normally terrible at hair styling but figured a way to do easy waves with them lol.

  4. I think this is the best look you've created.

    1. Thanks. Considering that I try not to haul as much anymore. I'd probably will do more makeup looks.

  5. Very pretty! I really like this look.

  6. I love this look!I have to say once more that you're really great at doing eye makeups. Love the purple eyeliner!

    1. Thanks hun. I'm gonna make an effort to do more looks since I don't shop as much anymore, lol.

  7. Ransom is one of my favourite liners and I love how the cool violet contrasts with the warmer plummy shades! Beautiful as always :) Just wondering what lighting you use to take your pictures?

    1. Thank you dear. I use a fluorescent light bulb which is pretty close to natural lighting. The only down fall sometimes is that the light might be too bright when I'm pointing it at my subject so I have to figure a way to diffuse it. I think this is the best lighting to use for taking pictures because the colors look more accurate and not as yellow as the typical light bulb. Another thing that helps is the camera setting, which can also alter or correct the color of your pictures. And my last resort is if I can't get the lighting or camera to capture my subject as true to life as possible, I would have to edit the picture for color accuracy.


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