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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Stila Color Outside The Lines Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner Set - Swatch and Review

I'm definitely playing catching up on my blog this weekend. Don't want to get too comfortable not doing them. 

We are back to experiencing frigid temperatures and for some odd reason I just had this urge to want to take pictures of the snow. There is something lonesome, melancholic, and beautiful about Winter snowscapes. Kind of reflects on my current mood. Perhaps that's why I felt like taking pictures of it. I've been dropping my kids off to school because it's just too cold for them to be outside waiting on the bus. Heck, I am freezing my ass in the car when I'm warming it up in the morning and I'm not even exposed to the windchill while I'm in it.

Ok, let's move on to this review. For the record, I receive this cool eyeliner set as a Christmas gift. 

  • They come with a handy dandy aluminum case with I think a frosty finish. It has that artist appeal to it.
  • There's 5 different color retractable eyeliners. 
  • Sadly nowhere on the packaging it tells me how much product is in there.
  • Initially, the first thing I did when opening up the package is try to twist up the product. I found that the twist up mechanism is odd or not really working properly. Even after twisting the pencil for like 6/7 times, the product only slightly budged. Once, you get it to move, you don't have to do that many twists. The second problem I found is that you cannot retract the product back into the tube. So you better make sure that you don't twist up more than you need. 

  • Stingray - matte jet black. It's available for purchase individually without the set. 
  • Lionfish - warm dark brown with bronze shimmers. It's available for purchase individually without the set. 
  • Aubergine - shimmery dark eggplant purple
  • Navy - navy blue with a slight sheen to it
  • Emerald - bright emerald green with subtle silver shimmers
  • The first thing I did was of course swatch them and I was very pleased that they felt creamy and pigmented. They also glide nicely on the eyes without pulling or dragging, which is awesome. 
  • You can create medium to thick line with these pencils. They don't include a sharpener but if you have one from another retractable pencil, you can create thinner lines if you are able to sharpen them.
  • They only take a few seconds to set so giving you a bit of time to smudge them if you like.
  • They are described as being waterproof. I didn't find them completely waterproof but more like water resistant. 
  • I have moderately oily lids, when used with a primer underneath, they lasted all day with minimal fading and just a smidgen transferring on the bottom lash line. They still performed well without a primer though I would say there's like 20% more transferring and fading after 5 hours of wear. 

Final Thought

There's no denying that I love the colors, pigmentation, and tug-free smooth sailing formula. Personally, I do need to use eye primer in order to make them last better and longer on my eyelids and minimize transferring. If you have drier skin, you may be able to get away without primer. 

Rating: 8/10

Price: $34.00. Great price for the set. One eyeliner typically goes for $20.00.
Availability:, Ulta


  1. that's a beautiful set! The colours look really nice and neat in the skin! great post!!

    1. Thank you. It's definitely the kind of color I would wear often too :)

  2. The black, navy and brown and definitely my must have shades, I absolutely need waterproof formulas especially on my lower lash line as I get watery a lot there! This looks like a great bargain too!

    1. I'm the same way. Eyeliners need to be either waterproof or water-resistant for me or else they transfer and smear on my like crazy.


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