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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Fyrinnae Haul and Swatches

I received my order back in December and the pictures have been sitting around all this time and yes I know it's time I stop procrastinating and share with you the swatches.

If you noticed on the picture above, I have also purchased 2 lip lustre samples but I will do a separate post for their review and swatches.

All the eyeshadow swatches were done over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy for best result. Each samples are $2.25.

Arcane Magic Dark Fantasy - shimmer dark yellow green

Arcane Magic Madame & Eve's - shimmer dark teal green

Arcane Magic Mystical Hedgehog - shimmery blueish purple with teal shimmers. This is absolutely gorgeous! Definitely recommend you try out this color.

Enchanting Otters - shimmery medium green with fine rainbow colored shimmers. The rainbow shimmers is gorgeous over the green.

Immortality - dark purpleish base with multi-colored shimmers. The multi-colored shimmers are much prettier and vibrant in person.

Lorem Ipsum - shimmery cool blue with pale gold shimmers. It's quite a unique and gorgeous combo.

Monarch Butterfly - dark brown with reddish brown shimmers. I would probably have liked it more if it was a bit lighter.

Shinigami - dark yet vibrant purple with rainbow colored shimmers. Gorgeous purple. I really love how they have the rainbow shimmers in it.

Snow Leopard - shimmery medium brown taupe with fine red shimmers. It has a very nice smooth texture to it. Very interesting color. It's too bad the picture doesn't do it justice.

Wicked - dark bluish black base with teal shimmers. This one is also stunning and much lovelier in person.

Frostbytes - shimmery metallic silver with pale gold shimmers. It looks very metallic and it's got sparkling shimmers on top. Quite lovely. It's definitely not your typical silver eyeshadow. I received this as a free sample.

I did one last round of swatches last night and I dozed off right after snapping a couple pictures. I'm so bad. My favorite are 3, 4, 6, 8, 9 10, and 11.


  1. Arcane Magic Mystical Hedgehog is beautiful..! *_* Crap I don't even know what I would do with it but I want it!

    1. It's gorgeous. Would make a really nice dark smoky eye look I think

  2. Arcane Magic Madame & Eve's and Wicked are just freaking awesome! I would totally want to use those for a smokey eye, I can't wait till you use them!

    1. I need to stop being lazy. I also suffer from a cold sore so haven't been in the mood for a makeup look just yet but hopefully soon enough

  3. Ah I've been wanting to try Fyrinnae for the LONGGGGGest! I can't wait to see some looks with these

    1. They are pretty nice. You should definitely give them a try.

  4. Oh wow I love everything here! I've been looking at their website for awhile and your blog was the one of the first to pop up when I searched for swatches. I'm definitely going to order a few samples!

    1. Awesome! Shipping may take a little bit but it's worth it. I highly recommend their pixy epoxy as well. It helps make the colors pop even better.


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