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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Jordana Lipstick Pom-Tini - Swatch and Review

Happy Saturday lovelies,

It's been a week since I posted something. I was slacking off busy and also wanted to take a break. We're going back to having frigid temperatures again and I've been dropping off my kids to school for the past few days because it's just too cold to be out there waiting for the bus. For some reason I just have the sudden urge to go take pictures of the snow. I thought to myself, you know you should really take more pictures. I'm pretty sure once I step outside, I'll change my mind really quick, lol.
Since I wasn't working on my blog, I got to sleep a little more and felt a bit more rested.

Today, I have for you review of this Jordana lipstick that I got on sale at K-Mart a couple weeks ago. I think it ended up being $1.00 and some change.


  • Clear see-through round plastic tube. 
  • .12 oz or 3.4 g

  • Pom-tini is a raspberry red with subtle gold shimmers and frosty finish. The frost here is a bit much for me. I wished it was less frosty. 
  • The lipstick glided smoothly and applied evenly without tugging. The pigmentation is good and give full coverage. The color leaves staining behind. 
  • The formula wasn't moisturizing and my lips felt dry after 2 hours of wear. I'd recommend wearing a good lip balm underneath to make it more comfortable. 
  • The color last 4 hours on me before it starts fading and the stain will remain for a few more hours, though it ends up looking blotchy as it fades. 
  • It has a strong artificial, sort of fruity scent to it, that is similar to the Milani Color Statement lipsticks. I'm not really a fan of it.

Final Thought

As far as color and finish, it may be subject to personal taste. I liked the fact that it was pigmented and wasn't tugging during application. Formula was slightly on the dry then again, you should be ok if you prep your lips and wear a lip balm beforehand.
I didn't love the scent but on top of that there was an odd after taste on this particular lipstick and I don't think I will be keeping it. This is like the 3rd time, I purchased a lipstick on sale at K-Mart and they ended up smelling or tasting weird like they've been sitting on that shelf like forever, probably the main reason why they were on sale. My advice is don't get this from K-Mart but if you take your chances either save your receipt or realize that you could to lose a buck or two on it.

Rating: 7/10

Price: roughly around $2.00
Availability: K-Mart, Cherry Culture

Thoughts? What's the best cheap lipstick you tried?


  1. great review! I hate when I buy something and it seems it smelling or anything else looking like it's expired already!

    1. I know right? First I get it on sale and I am excited and then I smell it and I'm like ew I guess that's why it was on sale.

  2. Great review! I like that you mention the scent of products--sometimes a product will be fine otherwise but the scent will make it a no-go for me. I like this color but the frost is a bit much. It does look really nice on you though, I just don't think I would like it on myself.

    1. Yeah It's too frosty for my taste too. I think scent can be a deal breaker so I think it's important to mention it in my reviews.

  3. I'm not much of a fan for these lipsticks either! I don't like the frosty finish nor the scent! I have one in the color Black Cherry. It's pretty but not something I would wear often. The color you bought is pretty on you though!

    1. Thank you. These lipsticks are getting old. They need to come out with a new and fresh lipstick line.

  4. I've never tried Jordana lipsticks but sorry to hear you didn't like it. I think the color is pretty though but there's a lot of things a lipstick should be and bad smelling should not be one of them!

    1. yeah but the smell of expired product is really the worst. The only lip product I tried from Jordana that I liked are their Twist and Shine lip balm stains.


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