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Friday, July 15, 2011

Pixel High Shine Nail Lacquer Swatches

A couple weeks ago I picked these up from Ulta and I believe these are new products because I have never seen them before. They retailed for $1.99 so I thought I'd give them a try since they were pretty cheap.
They are pretty tiny and the shape of the bottle is cute. They contain 5mL while the average nail polish bottle is 15 mL.

Oh Goly Gee was such a pretty color in the bottle. It's a shimmery burgundy/cranberry color with a copperish sort of duo-chrome. My greatest disappointement was that when I swatched it. It was pretty darn sheer and it took me 3 coats to get what you see in the swatches.

I picked up White Static because I wanted a plain white polish. Once again, I was disappointed not with the sheerness this time but with the streakiness and application. It was very uneven and felt kinda thick. I did 3 coats and still not even. I do not know how they came up with the name "high shine" because it's not as shiny as I would expect.

At last, Blu Ray Baby actually worked out a little better than the first two shades. The color is gorgeous. It's a shimmery teal blue. With 2 coats you get an opaque and even coverage.

One thing I noticed about these polishes is that they take longer to dry. The consistency of the formula tend to be on the thick side in exception of Oh Goly Gee. I don't know how long they last on the nail because I usually don't test them for that. But if you ask me, I would skip on these polishes. I'm probably only going to keep Blu Ray Baby because I really like the color. The rest is going back to the store.

Have you tried these polishes yet?

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